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Chap. 38. an Expo/ition upon the Book of J o B. Verf. Thus much for the openingof there words, Then theLordan- fwered Jobout of the whirlwind, and laid, Hence Obferve ; Firfl, Thegreatgoodcefs ofGod, who ,,,ndefeends orlets himfe f down to fpeakand treat with dull and *es! ! What a wonder is it,that the Lordof Heaven and Earth, fhould, admit , and enter into a party withman , who is but a well-fha- ped clod of Earth! Solomon was in a kind of amazement at the mercy, when he raid at the Dedication of the Temple (t Dings 8.zz.) But will God indeed dwell onEarth ! And may not we, that God fhould come down to confer with an afflitaed bed rid man on Earth ! I know force axe-of opinion , that the Lord . fpake b an Angel to fob ; however,herewas the Lords prefer.ce, it was Jehovah, who manifefted himfelf to Job, what Minifiry foever he ufed : Thus the Lord is pleafed often to interpole in the cafe and caufe of his affli&ed fervants, though we fee him not , nor have fuch formal apparitions , as here in the, Text. The Lord, the high and lofty One, who dwelleth in the high and holy Place , dwelleth alfo with him that is of a contrite and humblefpz- rit; and he dwelleth with him to revive him, 57. a5.) Therefore furely he manifefls himfelf to him in his loving kind- nefs, which is better than life , and the very life of our lives. The Lord whopath Heaven for his Throne, and the Earth hisfoot- fool , faith by the fame prophet (4a.66. I,z.) To this manwill I look, (and left any fhould take this man to be one of the mighty ones of this world , he giveth us both a f gnat fpecification , and clear chara&er of this man to whom helooketh) even tohim that ie poor,and of a contrite fpirit, andthat tremblethat my l-Yord, And if the Lord look to fuch a man , if he vouchfafe himhis gracious eye , doubtlefs he allo reveals himfelf gracioufly and freely to him. Secondly, The Lord came here to inftruéè and teach Job. Se- veral perlons had dealt with him before , and they very worthy, good, and learned perlons, and they came with a purpofe to do him good ; yet all would not do : All that his three friends faid, who undertook him firfi, in their turns, was to little purpofe ira appearance. And though Elihu, a fpritely young man, difcours'd himwith much lifeand heat , yet neither could he do the bufi- nefs IS