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Chap. 3.S. n Expojition tapon the Boob of J o 0 B. vert -y-a Fourthly, Note ; The Day of rudgmer.t is like to be a terribleday, here was a little day of Judgement,. here God came to de- termine a matter between rod and his three friends, and that was a terrible day ; in it we have an image or reprefentation of the1aft Judgement Day God appeared in a Storm, in a Whirl- wind : what thinkyou will be the Lords appearance , when he comes to judge the whole World! The Praia-lift fpeaking of Come particular day ofJudgement which fhould fore-run the general judgement, Pets it forth indreadful Metaphors (Pfal,g0.3)4) Oar god (Thefe are thewords of Gods faithful fervants, allu- ring themfelves of a gracious deliverance from the cruelty of wicked men, by the goodnefs and mighty arme of God ; pur Cod, fay they)fhall come , that is, he fhall certainly come, though he teem for a while todefer andput off his coming ; and (hall not keepfslence (as he bath been thought to do, either innot anfwer.- ing the prayers of his people ,. or innot punifhing the prefum- pnon of his and their enemies, ashe faid he did at the 2Ith verfe of this Pfalme) and then-woe to the wicked, for, A firs ¡hall devourbefore bim (God will then appear as a confuming fire) andamightytempefl (ofwrath and indignation) roundabout him;: (fo that there can be noefcape either before or behind , on one fide or the other a And then (v. 4 ) He (hall call to the Ilea. yens fron, above, and to the Earth ; that is, to the heavenly . and earthlyPowers, as witneffes againfl the ungodly, and as aids and affrf}ants, that they may judgehis people, that is, affert their integrityand maintain them in it. Now (I fay) if there have beenor (hall be fuck dreadful appearances of God in this world, for the vindication of hispeople,and the avenging of them upon their enemies ; what willhis appearance be , when in the end of the world he fhall corns (as the Apotile rude fpeaks ('v, s . of hisEpifile) with ten thoufand of his faint;, to execute judgement uponall,and to convince all that areungodly among these, ofall their ungodlydeeds,whicb they have ungodlily committed, and of all their hardfpeeches, which ungodlyfnnerrs havefpoken againfi him.; That is,. either dire&ly,, or reflexively, in letting their tongues lbofe to (peak againfi them, The Apoffle Paul having faid (.zfor.1, r o) we muff all appear before the judgement Seat a of