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,£hap. 38. efln Expofition upon the Book of J o 1i, Verf. 1.. a 9 of Chrifi, that every one may receive' the things, (that is, the fruit of the things) done in his body, (that is, while he was in the body) whether it be good or bad ; he adds at the eleventh verfe, Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, no per/wade man. As if he had faid , We know that will be a terribleday , Chril l will come and anfwer (inners out of a Whirlwind , whenhe comes to Judgement ; and therefore We (being fully perfwaded of this our felves) perfwade men by all means to beleeve and repent, and get the peaceof their fouls well andPurely retied upongood Go- fpel terms inthis world , that fo they may find peace in the great Day of Judgement , which will be the commencement or begin- ning of another world. They who know the terror of the Lord will both perfwade others, and be perfwaded themfelves to look after reconciliation with God , that when Chrifi cometh terri- bly, they may appear before him comfortably, or that hemay not be a terror unto them in that day. Fifthly,Forafmuchas the Lord anfwered 706 out of the Whi;1- wind (as was laid) to affen him with the awe and reverence of his greatName, while he was fpeaking , Obferve ; The word ofGod is to be beard with reverence, with fear and trembling, or with anholy awe ofGod upon our hearts. Why did the Lord fpeak cut of a Whirlwind ? Surely, that :lob might fee hisdiflance , or that he wasbut as a feather, even liked toning thing,or thiflle- down,before the whirl -wind,which the Lord could fcatter and blow away with the leafs breath of his mouth,as that allufion in the Prophet intimates (Ifa.17,13.) And alueflionlefs all the wicked in the world,who contemn the Word of God preached by his Minifters, will be blown away by it as Locutions do- thiftle-down or a rolling thing before the Whirl-wind of the mint blanda Lords fierce anger and y uref dif leaAll fuch (hall be carried away duiteddituro ejto o- p ien, with a flrong irre(iflable wind, and call into the bottomlefs pit of f tempeyiareo= per perdition for ever. The Lord who fometimes fpeaks out of a veropaellaa. Whirl-wind, path a whirl-wind alwayes at his command to fcat- 0.73 metuenda ter chofe like chaffe , who obey not what is fpoken, as he threat- m0111graaur. Greg. 1, 2,3. fled the enemies offacet, (Ifa, 41.16,) C. 2, Sixthly, FromGodsfpeang oat of the Whirlwind, D z Note;