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Chap. 38. Worlds were framed 6y the Word of god ; fo that things which are teen , were not made of things which doappear (Heb. i 1. 3.) We under (land the Work of Creation , yet not by the (irength of natural reafon , but through faith ; which gives credit to the Word of God , and perfwades theheart that the report therein made is a truth. For though fome Philofophers have evinced by arguments grounded upon reafon ,. that the World was made ; yet that it was made by the Word of God , either the Eilential Word , the Son of God fpoken of (John. a. i .) who is the effi- cient caufeofit; or by the Declarative Word , fpoken of in this place of the Hebrews , which was the means or inftrumentat caufe of making the World (Gen. i. 3, 6.) a I fay, cannot at all be underttood by reafon , but purely and only by faith, be- caufe it is fo revealed in the Scriptures. Fifthly, in that the Lord here faith, Ilaid the foundations of the Earth : Oblerve ; God bathmade the Earth firm and immoveable. The (lability of the. Earth is of God , as much as the being and exiflence of it (P141.104..5.) He laid the foundations of the Earth , that it fhould not be removed forever. There have been manyEarthquakes ormovings of the Earth in feveral partsof it , but the whole body of the Earth was never removed, fo much as one hairsbreadth out of its place, fence the foundations thereof were laid. Archimedes the great Mathematician, faid, Ifyou will giveme a place to jet my Engine on , I will remove the Earth. It was agreat brag; but the Lordhuh laid itfall enough for mans removing. Himfelf can make it quake and (hake, he can move it when he pleaCeth ; but he never bath nor will remove it. He hash laid the foundations of the Earth that it (hall not be remo- ved, nor can itbe at all moved , but at his pleafure ; and when it moves atany time , it is tomind the Ions of men that they by their fins have moved him to difpleafure. There bath been or will be a (baking of the Earth in mercy , for we have it in apro- mile (Heb. i 2.26.) Whole voice then (namely at the giving ofthe Law) fbookthe Earth ; but now be bathpromifed, faying, yet once more Ifhahenot theEarthonly, bat alfaHeaven. Some under- (land this promife as fulfilledat the coming of Chtift in the flat ac an Expoftion4apon the Bool¿,ofJO B. Verf. 4. St Plato ínTioutc.