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56 Chap. 38. e4oa Expofition ,upon the Book,of J O B. y erf, 4. whateveryou wouldhave me do, or would ha-v-e done on earth; for f am he that created the earth. It may help Our faith much, when (as Davidexpreffeth it, (Pfal, t I. 3,) the very foundations (of earthly things) are defiroyed , to confider chat God laid the foundations of the earth : In fuch a cafe it-may be Paid (as it fol. loweth there in the Praline ) What can the rrihteoteedo ? but may it not be Paid even in that hard cafe, when foundations are de- firoyed , what cannot the Lord do , who laid the foundations of the earth? This argument theP:affni(ialfoufeth (Pfal,124 S.) U,;r help Hands in the Norneof the Lord, whomade heaven and earth. Though earth and heaven (hake, and feem to be confoun- ded or mingled together , yet he who made heaven andearth without help, can give ushelp , or be our helper. If our help flood in thé befi of men made of earth, they might fail us; but while our help (lands in him that made the earth , he will never fail us , for he hash Paid he will not (lieb. 13, y.) and their ex- perience who have trufied the Lord, bath Paid it too (Pfal,9 so.) This is the great priviledge of all that believe , theymay addrefs to God oy Chrifi for any thing in this earth , becaufe he is the Maker of it ; and having made at by a wordTpeaking , what can- not he do for them, if he fpeak the word;?' Fifthly , Let us be much in praifing'the Lord for his wifdow, p'wer, andgreatnefs, all which riouflyappearandflhine forth in kis laying thefog -s oftheearth. David makes this a fpeci- al part of Divine praife ( Pfal, 136, 6,) VVe íhould not onely praife the Lord for the great things he bath done on the earth, but for this, that he bath made the earth. The work of God in lay- ing the foundations of the earth, calls as loudly for our praife, as any thing (except our redemption from the earth (Rev.5.9. chap.! 4, 3,) which ever God wrought upon the faceof the earth. The making of the earth calls us ro praife the Lord : Fit fig Becaufe he hash made fo vafi a body as this earth is , or berauk! he hash made fuch a large hcufe for us. Secondly , Becaufe hehath founded it fo miraculoufly, hanging upon nothing that appears , but in the ayre ; yet handing more firmly than any houle built upon a rock. Thirdly , VVe praife the wifdom of God , that bath formed' it fo exaé}ly, and adorned it fo richly: It's not a houle huddled and claps up together ,. without skillor arc , though it was