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Chap. 38. ,f1n Expofztionrupon the Book ofJ o a. Vert. 4, was made with a word fpeaking in fix days , yet it was made with infinite wildcm, as is more particularly held out (v. ç.) where the Lord fpeaks of laying the meafures thereof , andffretching the line upon it ; as allo of faftning the foundations and laying the cor- ner-ftene thereof ; all which u ew it is not a houle etapt up in halle , but made with admirable exahtnefs : fo that (as 'cis usual when great houfesare built) there were great acclamations made at the building of it ; as we have it the feventh verle of this Chap- ter , then the morning ffars fang together , and all the fons of God fhouted for joy, to fee fuch a magnificent pile reared up. Laßly, Take this inference ; If the vifible world be fuch a building , what is the invifible world , the City having foundati- ons , which God hath prepared for thole that love him ? Thus much of the firft part of lobs Conviaion , he had no- thing to do in laying the foundations of the earth , and he had as little in fettingupand finilhing that goodly ftruaure , as will ap- pear in that which followeth. Yet befote the Lordproceeded any further to queftion lob a- bout this great work of Creation, he requires or calls for his an- fwer in the clofe of this fourth verle , to the queftion propound- ed in the former part of it ; Where waft thou, when I laid thefoun- dations of the Earth Declare, if thou haft underftanding. God challengeth Tob to anfwer : The Hebrew is , If thou knoweft underftanding. And fo the word is ufed (¡fa. 29. z4.. ) where we render, They al fo that erred in fpirit fhall come tounder- 'landing, or (as the Margin bath it) (hall know underfianding. Again, Horan; faid (a Chron. 2. a z.) Bleffed be the Lord God of Ifrael , that madeheaven and earth ; who loathgiven to David the ,Kinga wife fon, endued with prudence and underftandint ; The Original is thus ftri&ly read , Knowing prudence and underftand- ing. Danielfpake in the fame forme (chap. 2. z r.) He giveth wifdom to the wife , and knowledge to them that koowunderftanding. Toknow is awork of the underftand ing : No man knoweth any thing , but by the help of his underftanding. The underftand- ingis the firR or MaRer-wheel in that noble engine the foul of man ; and when rightly informed and inlightned , alt the other wheels or faculties of the foul move alright , unlefs over-poized 57.,.