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63 Chap.'38. AnExpoftion upon theBockof J o a. Verf. S, Traìrdly , Tue builder,that his work may be fubftántial , will be lure to fix his foundation fure : in refpea of which , the Lord enquires of job ; whereupon are thefoundations thereof faflered ? fourthly , The builder will be very careful to let right the corner-done which holds the walls together with respect to which he demands an account in chefewords, Who bath laid the corner. Pone thereof? Verf _ S. who loath laid themoafurer thereof ? That is, taken the meafures of the earth : Thefe meafures re- fpect the quantity or dimenficns of the earth , itslengih, breadth, and thicknefs; theft were laid meetly according to the good pleafure of God , which no man is able to give a reafenof; and therefore , he adds , ifrho,' knowefl. The word whichwe ren- der laid , implies a laying with art , as alto with care and dili- gence;in all keeping a due decorum or proportion, refpeé}ieg the lengch,breadth,and deepnefsof the building. God tied this word when he fpake toMofes about the fabrick of mans body (which is .a littleworld , a compendium of the greater world) (Esod, 4. I I.) Whobath made mans mouth ? or who bath made the deaf or the feting? &c. The Text is , Whobath laidman mouth ? Who bath laid it in that due proportion, or foplaced it , that it may fit with the whole,atad every member , that it with the eyes, eares, frc. may Eland in perfe t order, both for üfe and ornament? Thus the Lord hath laid the meafures of the earth ; Hemeafured out the Several parts of it , where the vallies Should be , and where-the plains; where the hills and mountains , and where the rivers and channels He meafured all chele, that is, he difpofed them in a comely order. There is a .great appearance of the vvifdom of. God in felling every thing in its proper place , that one may anfwer in proportion with ano-her ; the perfeciion and beauty of the whole arifech outóf the fymetry and proporti- onablenefs of the parco. Whobath laid themeafares thereof .? Further, This laying the meafures, notes, as the exaanefs, fo the greatnefs of the woìk. In Scripture language, a b,'itdiñg of meafures, or anhouf of meafures, lignifierh a great houle or wilding (Per. 22. N.) Wo to him, that faith, !will iteild.mea ìflonaam cm_ wide bottle and large chamber; : The Hebrew is, aahoufe ofmea- menftaratanr. fures, that is, ofa great meafure. The Septuagint render it, a Sept. mea-