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Chap. 38. an Expoftion upon the Bookof o B. Verf. 7. vî7 Secondly odly. , Others conceive them fo called , becaufe they Spdera jimmo, were created or formed in the very morning of the World ; mtindimane, they were early made. For though (as I Shall touch afterward) lucentia, meque as to their perfe6lion, the Stars were made the fourth day; yet fuoefdovelou. their Creation is comprehended in the work of the fira day, un- dantià. der thole general words (Gen. t. s.) In the beginning God cre- ated the heavens and theEarth ; the Heavens contained all theStars in their materiality, though not yet formally produced; for the Stars being but the thicker part of the Heavenly Orb , when the Heavens weremade , the Stars were alto made t and may therefore be called Morning Stars., asbeing made in the Morningof the World,,earlymade.. Thirdly, They may be called Morning Stars, becaufe_ they (according to their manner) expreft their Joy early or betimes in the Morning of the World, or as f000 as the Lord had laid the foundations of the Earth. Thole things which are done early, simanealt. are done in the morning ; and they who do things in the morning, quidaggrediun- have the denomination of the morningupon them. The Poet tut opus Ma- ancientlyfaid ìEreas was (ullatotinus)AMorning Man, be- ISec minusfr caufe he was early at his work ; fo thefemay be called Morning peasfematu- Stars, becaufe they were early at work, fnging the praife of tinusagebat. God. Thus the reafon why the Wolf bath this Epithite, An Virg. 1.8. rtaru: Evening wolf , is becaufe he doth his work , he comes forth for tine a á lau- his prey, in the evening ( Flab.. i. 8. Zeph. 3. 3.) In the for- danr;árquema mer P. opher, the Chaldean Horfe-men are compared to Evening ne laudant. ;wolves, for fiercenefs ; and in the latter, the Judges of Ifrael are sane. let under the fame compariifon, for blood-fucking cruelty. And as thus, upon different accounts,, fome are called Mormng Men, others Evening Men ; fo 'cis upon nogood account , that any are called Night -men, though the general reafon of it be the fame with the former, becaufe they do their bad work, or works of darknefs, nnder,the fhadow and favour of the Night. The Thief, the Murderer, the Adulterer , are Light-men , all thefe are wont to do their work in the Night (fob 24, 13, 14,15) 16.) Thus there are menof the Night, men of the Evening, and men of the Morning , or Morning Men. In this fenfe the Stars may be called C.lirntng Stars , becaufe they were fo early at that beff vtoik, the praifesof God. when the MorningStars.