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78 Chap. 38. ei,fn Expofationatyon the Book of Jo B. Vert', Gerundf- Sgng together, um efi a,i1 good interatia Singing is an as of the voice ; and as there is a natural fing. canere fin- inn ( that of birds) fo an artificial. But how could Stars ling, ei- cat, uncle uf. ther artificially feeing they have no reafon, or naturally, f ccntarr. DruL Y eeir.o they have not,fo much as a life of fente ? ° I anfwer, 'fis frequent in Scripture to attribute gets of life to livelefs creatures,and as of re1<lbn to thole things which have nofence, The Earth is fomewhere laid to mourn(Ifa.3 3.9.) The Trees of the Forreff, asallo the Hills and the Valleys are laid to rejoyce and fing for joy (Plat, 65. a 2, 13 .) And in the fame fen the Stars are here reprefented tinging ; and in what fence theymaybe laid to ling, will be further (hewed afterwards : Nor did they onely fi g,but they fang Smut unico Together, concentù, unico eonfelfu, There was a kind ofconcord and harmony in their finging;they fang,as I may fay, with oneconfenr,or in confort. Some tranflace They fang alone ; That is, when there wereno other creatures to joyn with them, yet as loon as they were in being they fang alone. The word lometimes lignifies only, as well as together (chap"3 4. 29. Ezra q, 3.) They did not Ping every one of them alone, but they all fang alone without anyother creatures CO joyn with them. Thus they fang both aloneand together. Hence Note, Firí ; Singing is an 061 of divine worfhip andpratlie, They fang to the glory of God. Note, Secondly; Singing is an expreffionofjoy; Is any one merry ( faith the A,pofile (3arn, 5, r 3.) let Nina fing. Though there are mournful longs, and fome fing in the ve- ry heavinefs of their fouls; yet properly, (raging imports rejoy- cing. When Chrill coldhis Chúrch (Cant. Z. 12.) The timeof thefanging of birds is come, his meaning was , rejoycing tine is come, forrowand mourning are Aid away. Thirdly, In thatiînging is attributed to theStars, Note ,