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Chap. 38. AnExpofitionupon the Be.k of Jo B. VC f. 7. 79' Note ; Livelefs creatures rejoyce andfee forth the pra¡es ofGod, as,they are able. 'David faith, All thy works .fhall praife thee,. O Lord (PCaI. 145, io.) All thy work,. , that is, the very loweft and leaft of thy works , even the clods of the earth , (hill praife thee ; how much more the Stars of Heaven ! We find all the creatures cal- led to fing the praife of the Lord quite through the 148th Psalm, Pratfe himSun and Moon ,praife him all yeStars oflight . There's the fpecial inflance of the Text. The Heavens declare the glory of God , and the \Firmament fheweth his handy -work (Pal. r 9. t.) There is a kind of dutiful conCpiration among all Crea- tures; evenamong the inanimate Creatures , in their places to praife God. And if you ask how they praife God ? or how they fing ? I an(wer ingeneral, after their manner , as they are 1 ,re fat, able, or as is fuitable to their condition, The Stars fing not formally (and yet force fay, there is a harmony in the motions of the Heavens ; whichbeing foconflant, concordant, and uniform, bath a kind of Mufick in it) but though they cannot praife God formally, yet, Firfl , Theydo it Materially : That is , they are that matter, 1s1 edeflibus for whichGod is to be prailed ,they being fuch excellent and no- rorporibur art blecreatures. The workpraifeth the Workman. That which is ii.7 i well done , commends the Doer of it , though all tongues be aterra ; ideo filent. In this fenf , the Stars fing the pralle of God : They fing 7r ill/scant-to the praife of God , as they are the *etas of his praife ; or, as fouixta prods- they provoke Men and Angels to praife God for making them. Inn io f u of » Secondly r They praife GodVertually a or equivalently he do fgurate tri film how praife-worthy God is. buifitr. Mexc> Thirdly , When we fay the Stars praife God , it intimates, there is fo much excellency in the Works of God, that if the Stars could fpeak , they woulddeclare and (hew forthhis praife. When the Disciples of Chril} rejoyced, and praiCedGod with a loud voice , for all the mightyworks which they had feen ; Pay- ing , l;leffed be the King that cometh in the Name of the Lord, peace in Heaven , and glory in the 'Highefi (Luke a 9. 37, 38. ) The envious Pharifees did not like the Mufick , and therefore faid tohim from among the multicude , e '1alier,'rebuke thy fc-