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Chap, q.. Au Expdfition upon the bookof J O B. Verf. i 3. 87 viledge under the Gofpel. The Ape file faith at fundry times and in divers manners, Goel fpake untoour fathers by the Prophets, but he hach fpoken unto us one way,which exceeds them all,even by his Son, who is the brightnefs of hisglory, and theexprefs image ofhis perfora, Heb.,i. 2, 3. We have a vifion which outthincs all thevifions that ever the Prophets or Patriarchs had,from the be- ginning of the world. Their light was darknefs,at moil but a fha- dow, their vifions were obfcurities, and their revelations con- cealments compared with ours. Our vition is, Chrijt, God mini- felted in the fleJh; Wm havePeen thy falvation,faith old Sime- on;he had a vitìon òfChrifl in perfon.The land of-Judah was call- ed the valley ofvifron, becaufe God revealed himfelf to that peo- ple, more fregnently and clearly, then to all the world betide. Where ever the Gofpel is preached,chat land is a valley of vifron, a valley ofvilion far more lightfome'and glorious, then theland of j-ud.{h was ; the very darknefs of the Gufpel, is clearer tlien the light of the Law. That which was madeglorious had no glory, by reafon ofthat glory which excelleth, i Cor. 3. to. Only remember, that as our priviledge is greater then theirs, fo is our duty;A clear - lightAmid be anfwered with a holier life. And we who have more evidence of what God would have dune, thould make more con- fcience to do it.Nowwe are not taught by dreams and vifrons of the night,PYe ought to walk,,as children of the day. Not only is dark- nefs gone, but the (hadows are hei away. The true light now (hines, even h. who enlightens every one that comes into the world. We need not drains or vifrons now. Why Gould we call for Candles when the Sun is up? Late need not Star -light when we have day- light, or when the promifed ray-Star zs rifen inour Sapor e/lfom hearts, 2 Pet 1. 19. aim profundior, Here is one circumftance more in the Text about this vifron very fomnw aflplus remarkable ; it was not only in the night, but in the night when quamdormirat1 deep fleepfalleth on men, or on f °rrowful man, than wearied `f °'f °por with labour and travel. This is a more d (rind defcription of the ft time then the former. It was in the night,and in that part of the iionnp night, when deepfleepfalleth on men ; that is, in the former part ST fmnugra or beginning ofthe night ;for thefirff deep is the deepfleep ; at}d too lug q we-ufe to fay that a man, efpecially a weary hard - wrought man, fomnwpn,pro uam is in a dead fleep, when he is in his firff-fleep. The word fundumfom- fignifies an extraordinary fleep. It`is ufed (Gen. 2. 21.) where it aaum quaf is laid,thatGel caufed a deepfleep tofall uponRdam,when he took lerhareum. out