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S8 Chap. 4. AnExpofition upon the Book of JO B. Verf.r 3, out his rib and form'd the woman.TheSeventy tranflate it,extafie. A it. Some compare it to a Lethargie ; a man in a Lethargie can hard- ly be awakened. Such a fleep as Saul was in, a Sam. 26. i 2. when Davidcame into the trench, and took away the Spear and the Crufe of water from his bollter.Such an one asJónas was in while %mpWevat the Ship was almoft funk with the tempeft, Jonah i. 5. In both quoprima ,places we have this original word. At the time when fuch flop quiet mortals- falls ohwearied man, Eliphaz had this vifion.And he fpeaks very bsa<egr'. elegantly, that this deep fleepfalleth on men becaufe fuch fleep rncipit f5' done feems to oppre(s the fpirits,as a heavy weight thebody ; it falls as Div i!ë "r heavy as Lead upon all a mans fenfes,ad overcomes them:we fay f fp', Infointtx ecce ordinarily, a manfalls afleet, and it is as trueof fleep, that it falls env ocular upon a man, and fills with fuch a weight,tha t man is notable to 1041ffmua !land under it. We fay áúío, a man isheayy to sleep, for fleep like XeQar. a heavy thing comes downupon him and then down comes he. Lifut adefJe Y r arihi. virs. Heathen Poets tell us, rhvwt a r, s t ., rr cy had vmons,or 4e1u- 20. !Triad. fions rather. Satan imitatesGoG t ,: a i, _ .; . fibat lse aney receive withbetterfirccefr. We may obferye from hence, f. ; . Seeì j J»,pbaz bad this vi. lieu when deepfleep falleth upon as e-c r-nt t,` ^eoower of Gods Spirit works through . ä+rr2zdirrzras . when tired nature, is willing to fall, or ca m t fling into a deep Beep, then God can awaken us , , a,.d make us fee, when we cannot hold open our e n God will reveal his mind to the foul he ov rso r. ; s '.x. ;iapetfec`rions ofthe body. Sleepinefs is an imperfèci: o2 :>_,an be fleepy he is unfit tohear. While the eye is thus fhum, cannot be open.That Beeper in the Aas fell down deed; while Faul was preaching. Yet when God comes by his mighty power and Spirit, though amans cár be fhut, he can break through, and get into his heart. The word bath takenfore nappingand nodding. Yea, God breaks in by his Almightypower in the revelations of his will,nct only whenmen are in a dead natural fleep,but when they are in a fleepoffpiritual John g, ag, death. The wordbreaks open thebars of the grave, and loofens the bands ofdeath. Secondly, for as much as Eliphazhad this vifion when deep fl2epfalleth On men, himfelf being kept awake, or waking. Ob- ferve, That, when weare waft retiredfrom the world, thenwe are moll fit to have, and nfually have moff communion withGod. If a man would but abridge himfelf offleep, and wake, with holy thoughts