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Chap, 4. An Expofition upon the Book of J 0 B. Vert, 3 r. 89 thoughts when deep deep falleth upon forrowful labouring men, he might be entertained with vitionsfrom God, though not fuck vifionsas Eliphaz, and others of the Saints have had, yet vi& ns he might have. Every time God communicates himfeif to the foul, there is a vifion of, or mercy , or power, ft.mewhat of God in his nature, or in his will, is Chewed unto us. David thews us di- vine work when we go to rat, Thebed is not all for fleep, Cont. mane zvitbyour own heart uponyour bed and be (fill, Pfal, 4. Be frill or quiet, and then commune with your hearts, and ifyou will commune with your hearts, God will come and commune with your hearts too, his Spirit will give you a loving vitìt,aad vifions ofhis,love. When jabobfearing the rage ofhis brother, had put himfelf into the befi poflureof defence he could,and had tent his wives and cbildren,his fervants, and his flocks over the ßiver,thc Text faith(Gen 3 2.24.) that Jacob Was left alone : which is not to be understood, as if his company had left or deferted him : Ja- cobsfolitarinefr was not pave, but elective. He having difpofed of all his family, withdrew hìtnfelf, and flayed alone; and what then ? then he had a viuion indeed ; 7-ben there r ref}led a mars with him until the breaking ofthe day , he fpent not the night in. Barking and careing what fhould become ofhim themorrow; No, he retires to pray for a bleffing upon his former cares,and a blLifing he is obfervabieaifo concerning. Ifaac, Gen, 24. 36. That he went out into the fields to meditate(or as others read it) to pray. Some foolifhly glofs upon it, that I(aac being delighted in Afironomy, went out to contemplateon the Stars. But I be- lieve the walk ofIfaac's fpirit was above the Stars. It is a fweet o canna anima exprcffion of Bernard, If thou wouídef$ meet Cbriftz infpecial com- fob ego, ua munion, do thou oftentimes retire thy filf, 0 eb.ift and lovely foul, Pi omn:um doff thou not know thou haft a model} , Spoufe, that will not come ¡`rues reipfàra, to thee in the throng of worldly company and employment. Caine qbrn b m my beloved (faith the Spoufe, Cant. 7, r r.) Let at go forth An nefcre to into the fields, and lodge in the villages. Let us get from the vereeendu tumult of the Creature. He loves to find his fpoufe alone ; reti- red intoa Chamber, or into a Clofet, or in the fieldsand Groves, "G bednrrd° in the Gardens and shady walks, or in thoughts upon the bed ha- ving the Curtains drawn, and all the world Phut out. Some have vifions in the night when deepReep falleth upon men, bu t what are their vifions ? furely they are vifions of darknefs not of light, vifions of Hcll,rather then yifìons of Heaven. The Prophet coin- plains