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Chap. 4. An Expó(tion upon sbe Bookof J OB. Verf. 13 plains offuch, who devife evil upon their beds they plot and con- trive mifchief upon their beds; or they have vifions of nnclean- nets, vikonsof covetoufnefs, vifions of oppreíifn, black infernal vifions. How much better is it to be blind, then to have fuch vi- fions? to be afleep, then have fuch waking thoughts; But to lye awake in our beds with thoughts of Chrift, is far more Tweet then the fweeteft fleep. And in the day, couldwe make more vacati- ons from the world, we fhould have more bufinefs in Heaven. Moll men are mudding in the earth all day, and ifthey wake in the night, earthly care keeps them awake. There are many thou - lands whom lore unto the world keeps awake; but how few arc there, whom love to Ghti(t keeps awake? It was an harth,and (in one fenfe)an ignorant fpeech ofa wife New efi cui Elan aenongft the Heathens, who laid, `Ibere is no man who may sien jag iui fit not more bolily be inany company, then with himfelf alone: And Cure quoli!et yet there is a truth in it : For if a man be by himfelf alone, and ere Sena `' deal only with his own heart, probably, he might be as profita- bly with any company,as with himfelf: One mans heart in it fell, is as bad as anothcrs, and ufually it is worfl, when it is by it felf. Some, line Nebuchadnezzar, being fecludedfrom men, converJeonly Dan 3a with beafts, thofe moft beaftly beafis, hefts in their own boforas. But, to be alone frommen, to convene with God, to be alone from men, to couverte with Chrift, is infinitely better then all the fo- ciety of men. The reafon why many receive but little ofChriff, Conn perieli. little of Weaven, is,becaufe they are fo much in the croudof the Torus in nevi. world, fo long upon the Rackof earthly care ; they feldom let ßitr, their hearts fettle. The Ballances mull stand at an even poyze,be- fore you can weigh aright. If you delire to know, which bears moll weight in your hearts,Earthor Heaven,Chrift or the Crea- ture, let your hearts Rand Rill. That in Pfalm. 4.4. teaches this fenfe fully, Commune withyour erwn hearts upon your beds and be ftiV. our hearts will not befpoken with, unlefs we be quiet. And as the Picture-drawer cannot take the features of the face,to the life ; fo neither can we of our hearts, or lives,unlefs we have the patience to fit for it. JOB.