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t42 Chap, .: 4, kf-Expofrtion upon the Book of J© B. Verf. i 90 IfAngels, thechiefcft and choiceft of creatures be thus weak, what then is man, who dwells in a houfe of clay, rrbofe foundation is in the duff, andwho are crufhed before the moth? JOB, Chap. 4. Verf. 19, 20, 21. How much left on themthat dwell inhoofer of clay, whofe foundation is in the duff, which are crufhedbefore the moth 2 They are deffroyedfrom morning to evening: they peril% for ever without any regarding it. Doth not their excellency which is in them, go away, they die, even without wifdom. T1 Hefe three verfes,contain a defcription ofman in oppofition to the Angels. The form ofthe argument was given before to this effe 1 ; That ifAngels, thofe excellent creatures, cannot /land below God,or be juftified in his fight, then much lefs man, a weak creature,man who dwelt in ahouji ofclay, andwhofefoun- dation is in the duff. Two things this Context holds forth to us, concerning the weaknefs ofman, in oppofition to Angels. Firft,It (hews us,that man is amaterialfubffance,fo are notAn- gels,Angels are f pirits,fpiritual fub/tances, Secondly, Jt thews us, that man is a mortalfukftance , fo are not Angels.fpirits dyenot. That man is a material fubftance, is proved in the beginning ofthe 19verfe,frcm thofe words,He dwelt in a boufeof clay,whofe foundation is in the duff. That man is a mortal fubfîance, is implyed in the former; that which is made ofclay and duff, mua needs be brittle ware. But befides that hismortality is implied in thofe words, it is proved exprefly and in terms in the words following to the end of the Chapter. And this mortality ofman is let forth, by divers ad- unEts or circumftances. i. By a fimilitude,fhadowing thequicknefs or the fuddcnnefs ofmans death,Tbey are crufbedbefore the moth, 2. By the fhortnefsof life ; They are deffroyedfrom morning to evening. 3. By