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Chap. 4. the whole man cometh under the notion of the foul That thefoul of man it The man, The foul goes away with the thon pod ana. name of the whole perfon : The foul is not theman in a natural , m® fir Bono ae co afideration,(as fotne have Phílofòphiz'd, afferting that man is quid's Aofuo nothing but afoul cloathed with a body)for, man is man by the jminemcnthii' anion of foul and body, and the perfefdion of man as man, con- dim fills in that union, but the foul is theman in a moral confidera ani>tean indu- tion, becaufe it is the more noble and excellent part of man :,and 7Om corpore, it is ufual to denominate the whole from that part which is more fed quiaanima efi princip- excellent The body is but as the Cabinet, the foul is the Jewel, oe parshomrnis9 'thebody is but as the (heath or the fcabbard, the foul is as the unun quodqus knife or the fword ; You know when a man buyeth a fword, he oue m confue. buyes a fcabbard too,or when he buyes a knife,he buyes the (heath it appellore too,yet he faith,this knife colt me fo much, or I gave fo much for eid p ua pulisn this fword,he makes no mention ofthe fcabbard or of the ¡heath ; Aquia, in loco. now the body is the (-heath or fcabbard of the foul (Dan, 7.A,5.) you have it exprefi fo, I was grieved( faith the Prophet) in myJJi- rit in the mield._If of my body, fo we traullate, but the Chaldee is (and fo we have it in forne Margents) in the middejf of myjheeth; The foul is the blade, a blade of admirable mettle and temper;. the body howbeautiful fó'ever by nature, or gay by art is buta_ velvet, or an embof'ed !heath and fcabbard : therefore at fiat; when God formed man ou t of the dull of the earth, and had breathed into him the breath of life, the re Cult of all is, and man< became a living foul ; it is not laid, man became a living body, thoughJife was breathed into the body,and the body flood upand lived, yet the beft part is named for all, the dull: and the clay are (as it were) quite forgotten in the fiory, man became a livingfoul. And that may be a reafon, why the fear of God and keeeping., his Commandements, (EccleJ. 12. ult.) is called all man, becaufe =7W thefe things chiefly concern that.part of man, which (upon the matter;is all man. The fearof God and keeping his Commande- ments, arefoul work., and tend to the eternal welfare of the fout;. and though the body (hares in all theblcflings, and a Uifls in moil. labours of the foul, yet the foul labours aloft for' and is the chiefell feat ofbleffednels' How firangelyhave forne departed from this point of truth, which the Scriptureevery where wri :es as with a Sun - beame : who inflead of making the foul to be the chiefpart of man, deny-that man bath any loch part. And whereas force (touëht at before) err'don the right hand, laying, that fln Expofition upon the boeltpf J OB. Vert: i9, i