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Chap. An Depefitonupon the boekof JO B. %rer(i r. 7 fuch a fpiritual art in winding a reproof into the bofotne and fpi- rit of a man, Let it net trouble thee that I thusfpeak,take my words in goodparts if we afay to commune with tbeewilt thou be griev- ed ? Secondly, obferve, That it is no eafie thing to bear reproof. To take a reproof well is as high a point of fpiritual wifdom, as to give it well. When we reprove the fin, we should love the man but there are few men who can love their reprovers. You know what is Paid in the Prophet, They hate him that reproveth in the gate. Reproofs are ufually entertained with hatred, and ill taken. by evi' >erfons ; reproof is not alwayes taken in good part, by thofe who are good. It is but need to have tome way made for its due curettaintfient, by the bell temper'd fpirits. Wilt thou be grieved? it may be wearnfome anti troublefome unto thee, but I pray let it not. Thirdly, obferve from the Preface, That in fume cafes it is our duty to fpeak, and reprove whether men are troubled or no. How fhould I be pleafed if thou wouldefl receive my fpeech in good part? but I cannot with-hold my felffrom fpeaking,though thou art difpleafed ; take it how you will,.I mull fpeak, thefe reproofs muff out. When we fee plainly that God is dithonoured,and that the foul ofour brother is greatly endangered, we mull then fpeak (as God chargeth the Prophet) whether they will hear, or whe- ther they will forbear, In Inch cafes we muff adventure tofave men iSp. jad': v.21 by fear, plucking them out t f the fire. Lafily, oblcrve, That when the heart is full it is a very hard thing, not to give it vent at the lips byfpeaking. When the heart is full of matter, the tongue will be full of words ; the tongue mull bring forth the treafures that arelaid up in the heart t Who (faith Eiiphaz)can frith-holilhimfeiffrom(peaking? The Prophet Jeremiah, 9. thought to flifle the meffage ofGod in his heart, I laidI will not make mention of him, norjpeakany more its his name, he began to take up a refolution to with-hold himfclf from (peaking, but ( faith he) his Word was tin mine heart as a burning firefhut up in my bones, andl was weary with forbearing, andI could not ftay,I could not hold it any longer. So the Apotlles, As 4.19. We cannot butfpeakthat which we have heardand feen, it is impoflible for us, The Lordhashfpol{en, who can butprophefe ? Amos 3. 8. that is, who can withhold himfelf from prophefyitag when once the Lord bids him (peak. Words are the conceptions of our mindcs,