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chap. An Expofiton upon the boo&of J O B. he faid in the Church Rory, The faith which isfeen, it. a great deal b_#ter, then thefaith which it beard; fo we may fay in ano- ther kind, the wifdom which is fan in bearing of affli Lion, is far better then the wifdom which is heard. Plryfitiara heal thy ji'rf. He faved others, Waif-elf he cannot five, fay the Jews to- Chrift. aepeefid®,r Man may justly be reproved with, thou teacheft others, thy fell icm rum ; thou canfi not teach. When the fame fault which we reprehend +ßdarguit V- M others, may be reprehended inour felves, ourfault is doubled, fusi. and the ad not only hnful, but fhamcful. The Apoftle convinces the Jews mightily by this Argument, Rom. 2.19 .Thou art conif= dent that thou thy Pelf art a guide of the blind, a light ofthen which are in darknefi, an inf}ru ler of the foolifh, &c. Thou takelt upon theeall this, 1 bou therefore (faith he) that teaeheft another, teachrfr thou thyfell'? thou that ñr tcueon not tbote !teal ? He goes on, p g up their of ions ran fn crofs and contradictory to their own profèliions. Thus we have opened the minor propoGtionor affumption of the fiat Argument, couched in thefe two verfes ; thou haft com- forted, infiruded, and taught many, yet when trouble cometh upon thee, thou knoweft not how to order thy fell. Is not this thy fear, thy confidence, the uprightnefr of thy wayes, and thy hope ? I hus he gathers ahe conclufion, and from hence infers yob a Hy- pocrite in Religion, or irreligious. Is not this thyfear, bc. ] As if he had laid, thy fear, thy con- fidence, thy uprightnefs, thy hope, thy Religion, call it what thou wilt, is but thus much, or is but this. Is not thin thy fear, &c.] In the fitti verle of the u rti Chapter 'twas hewed what the fear of God is ; part of Jobs charaf er being thus given, A manfearingGod. Now Eliphaz by this!fira point of his Intet;rog,ations, taxes Job,in the firti part of his cha- rader Or commendation, Thou art reported to be a man fearing God, is not this thy fear ? Fear is taken either for the whole compafs of Gods worfhip, or for that awfulnefs ofaffedion with which we worfhip God, which we ought to mingle andmix inall our a$ionaand duties. Therefore ( faith the Apofile, Heb. 12.) Let as bave grace toferve hinwith reverenceand godlyfear. And Pfalme the fecond, Serve theLordWith fear. God is to be faxed in love,and yet God loves no fenice which hath not this ingredeint, Holy fear. D Year VerC 6.