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20 Chap.4. !In Expofition upon the Book of J O 1 . Verf. 6. Fear is the mò(t proper affection which we creatures, dull and a(hes, who are at fuch an infinite dittance from God, can put forth in his worfhìp. God condefcends fo far as to be loved by tas, yea he calleth for our love as a friend,or as a father,as a familiar,as one in near relation : but conedered in his Majetty,glory, and great- nefs, fear is the moil fuitable atfeHion in our approaches unto God. The name of God in Tome languages, is derived from fear, and God is exprefly called Fear by Jacob, Gen 31. in that difpute with Labatt, where he tclleth him, Except the fear of his father ¡frac badbeen with him, 6'c. verle 42, AndJacobfwear by thefear of hisfather Iliac, verfe 53. that is,by that God whom his father Ifaac feared:Jacobwas a man fo holy,that he would take nothing intohis mouth to fwear by, but only the holy NameofGod.Reli- giants fwearing is one of the highest as of worshiping, as vain fwearing is one of the higheft as of prophaning the Name of God. ?Da Thy confcience.j Theword which we tranflate confidence, fig- ineonj?antia, nifits alfo,and that mod properly ,folly,inconttancy,levity ; when lavifira per on- the Prophet Jeremy reproveth the Idolatry of thofe times, and Amu, fpeaks to worshipers ofIdols,he cxpreffes it by this word,They are entra, altogether brutifh and foalifh, Jer, rs.ó. And holy David (PJàlone 49.13.) fpeakingof wicked men, who make riches their portion, and who layout all their endeavours,iu the railing ofaia our ward eftate, gives this account of theirpradile in the 13 verle, This their way is theirfolly : this is the court that worldly men take, and they think it a very wife court, but indeed their way is their folly. Some translators read that text, this is their way,is their-con- fidence, as here inJob ; and fo they make the fenfe out thus ; this wayof worldly men in gathering riches, in heaping up abundance of theft outward things,is theirconfidence,that is, they have no- thing elfe tomitt unto, theyhave nothing beyond the world to trust unto, thin their way is their confidence. So again, Pray, 15, =kit= 26. A feoliJb man, or a manoffoll,defpifitb his mother. And once more, Pfal. 85, 8. where the Pfalmiflgoeth up like Habakkuk to his Watch- tower,to hearken for an anfwer of his prayer, ¡ will hearkenwhat the Lordwillfay,for he willfpeakfeace unto bis peo- ple, but let themnet returnagain to folly. So force read it in this Text of Job, is not this thy fear, thy folly ? that is, was it not sneer folly for thee to bragge and boatt of thy fcar,fc; That thou dial fear God, &c.