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`x Chap. 4. . do Ex o ftzon a on the Boo f J O B. Vert'. 3. mcnt oftenbears the image and fuperfcxiption of fin upon it. You may fee the fathers face and feature in the child. Whatfóevee; a manfowetb;thatfled be alto reap, faith the Apofile, Gal. d. 7. Iftman fowwheat, he (hall reap wheat ; the harveft tells you what kind of grain was fowed in every field : ifaman fowes wheat, he thall not reap tates, and ifa man few tares, he fh.all not reap wheat. Thus God often returns the fin of man upon him fin comes to him in its own likenefs, and he may read the name ofit (tempt upon the afiEtion ; or by the judgement inflicted, interpret the wiekednefs committed ; This was openly confefs'd by Adoaibezek, (Judg. t. 7.) As Ihave done, fo God bath re- quitedme, juft fo ; and what was that ? He fpeaks out n the former words : Threefcore and ten Kings, having their thumbs and their great toes cut o,)f, gathered their meat under my Table ; there was his, rowing, his reaping was the fame, They caught hirn(faith the Text) and cut offhis thumbs; and hisgreat toes. The very firfi Law that wasformallymade and publifhedafter the fall,was a Law ofretaliation, or of counterpaffon, Gen. 6. 9. Whofoever fheddetb mans blood, (whatfball bereap ?) by man (ball his blood beflied; he miff reap thefame, The judicialsofMofes are plain for Nut this, Ex®d. 2I. 24. Eye for eye, and tooth' or tooth, &c. They have moved me tojealoufie, faith the Lord, by that which is not God, and I will move them tojealoufie, by thofe who are not a people. Like asye haveferfaken ene, andfervedftrange Gods in your Land,fo (hall ye ferveftrangers in a Land which is not yours, Jet. ;. r9. God payeth them in their own coyn. Tß'`ófa foppetb his ear at thecry. ofthe poor, he alto fhalil cry himfelf, but (hall not be heard, Prov. 2t, i 3. and fo the preaching of the word, contemned, (Zech. 7. 13.) Therefore it is cone to pats, that as he cried, and they would not bear, fo they cryed, and Iwouldnot bear, faith the Lard ofHoffs c They reap as they Cowed, they would not hear, that was their fin ; they (hall not be heard, that's the punifhment they (hall fee how good it is, to be wilfullydeaf, w hen God com- mands, by his being judicially deaf, when they complain. The Sodomites had a fire of unnatural luit among; them, and God Pent a fhowr offire u nnaturally from Heaven (fire defcending, croí- fcth the coutfe ofnature) to deftroy them. The EgyptianskiIled the Ifraellitifb children, that was the feed they Cowed, they reap the fame; God flew their children, even all their firft -born in one night. Nadab and Ab ilsx, offered flap ;c fixc, these was their