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Chap, 4, An Expefitionupon the bookof JO B. Verfi 8, 5.3 their wickednefs, they reaped the fame, God by fire from Heaven, in a firange manner, flew them in a moment. Yea, we find the Lord fometirnes dealing thus withhis own dear fervants, he will caufe them to reap that, which theyhave fowen in kind ; David had defiled his neighbours wife, there- fore faith the Lord, I will take thy wives from before thine eyes, z Sam,zaeir, andgive them to thyneighbour, and he (hall lye with thy wives, in the fight ofthe Sun. Again, The Lord tells him, Thom haft flaien Vriab with theSword of the children of Ammon, there- fore the Swardflhall never departfrom thine houfe. You fee, here was fword for (word, and defilement for defilement, even holy David reaped the fame that he had fowed. It is very remark- able, which is reported in theHilary of the Church, by So- Seem t O'r . crates, concerning Valens the Emperour, who wasa great per- Icrl. L4, c 3, fecutor of the orthodoxChriflians,and a maintainer;of Arianifm;. The fiory tells us, that in his wars againfl the Gashes, he was overthrown, and hiding himfelf in a little cottage, the enemy, carne by , burn it, and him together ; Now fee, how God in this, gave him to reap what he had fown : for when fourfcore,of'thn orthodox fayled fromConflantinople to Nicomedia, to tre t With him about the points of Ariafkifrne, and to fettle the matter by . wayofdifpute ; the Emperour hearing of their approach, wh Ile they were in the havens, and before they could corne on fhore, caufed the Chips to be fired wherein they were, and fo confume& them all ; here was burning for burning. And it is obferved (in the French Hiñory)thatCbarles the ninthofFraence,whowas the contriver of that great Maffacre in Paris, wherein fo many thou- fand Protefiants were forced through a Red tea, a fea of blood, lino 1'5 72, to their rat in Canaan: this bloody King, at lati dyed himfelf, by a firange eruptionof blood from all the paffages of his body; thus alfo he reaped what he had fown, he had poured out blood, and his blood was poured out. It were eafie to giveyou plenty of inflances,bearing witnefs of this accurate juiliceofGod.Exatü.- ples were frequent in yobs time,you fee Elipbaz had (lore of there in his note-book, Evenas I havefee*, they that plowinigquet and tow rriclednefs,reap thefame. , 7 B