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54, Chap. 4. Expofrtion upon theBook of J O B. Verf.9= JOB, Chap. 4. Verf. 9, Io, I I. gy'the blaft ofGod theyperilh, andby the breath of hit, noflrils art they costumed The roaringofthe Lyon, and the voice ofthefierce Lyon, and the teethof'theyoung ion, are broke n be old Lyonperifhethfor lack ofprey, and theflout Ly one whelp.. arefcattered abroad. ,rempbaz,havinggiven an account ofhisobfervation,in general, that he had often tèen wicked men perith, verf. Y. In thefe three ferles, he illutirates his ohf=rvatioa,by an elegant descrip- tion of the manner now,or the power by which wicked men perish raríd arc prat off; namely, by the blatt of God, verf. 9 by theblafi of Gud theyperifh,ana by thebreath ofhisnoftrils are thej eonJumed; and lnft any one thould rhink,that this blatt ofGod carries away on'; straws and feathers, light and weak perfons into p, rdition he á '. s the weightiett and the firong d , Lhe roaring f the Lyon, h ofthe youngLyons are ár&k ñ : (it'd by hi, .ntift can take oi break, the ttru,,geft. the , Lyon-itte men, men >ñerce like Lyons,and (;tour bkf. th. Lyons whelp. Under the ilia. dove of winch allusions, he clutUy strikes at lob. no was once a great man, the y,rcatett of rill th.. n;e,í to the Lad , °a fie, ce fpoyl- ing Lyon in the apprehensionsof nis friends)and yctGod brought him dawn. This in betel, is tine illutlration et the'argutm nt in thetc i oree verles, By be blajt of God theyperifh:. &c. Etzphaz( having in the former verfe,by me metaphor ofplows ing. t)wing; acid reaping. fee forth the aCtings and expe,ct.,tions, the iflucs and tuccetf.s of wicked men) here as form: conceive) eo' dune's-themetapzlor or the Allegory by this expr.illiou of bla- flih ,'which ( we:know, is oftenufed in reference to the feed frown.; as Elipbaz it had Paid, when there men have plowed and fowed when they are in expectation of a fruitful' and plentiful harveft, then God blafteth the feed and the feedf-man too; he fefry.eth forth his rough wind, which dryeth up and, witrereth alkaul t ear, the counfel and the counfellours: and though blaft- itìg 4poy1 or prevent reaping in an ordinary fenfe,yet blotting may be .gaping (as here) in a figurative fenfe : they who fow iniquity a re oftenpunifhed by reaping difappointments, which is the blo- tting