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ti Chap. 4. An Expofrtion upon the Bookof J O B. Vert. '9. 55 ging of their hopes, and the coufumption of their confidences. Blotting of corn and fruit:;, is often ipekcnofin the oldFe- fament (as t.King.8.37. If there be in theLand blaffin Indmil- dew, Amos4. 9. 1 »eve Pall-ten rx with óle/ting and mildew : vm; t 'tínd a people fpoyled by the Sword, and confumed lay War, Heebspercu are compared, to corn blatted before it be grown up, Ifa, 37. 27. ueedineeJi P rcofo. But the word in the Original, for blotting corn, is diffèrent from mentr'r venta this in the Text : the root ofthat, frgnitìes to dry up or caufe to ríentali in: wither: This to breath,as a man breathes with his nottrils : By the Brediente jPe. breath of his noftrils, or (as we tranflate) By the blaff of his no rorddeo urnon ffrils ; So in the defcription ofmans creation, Gen. 2. 7. Mofes u c faith, Godbreathed into hisnoflrils the breath oflife, or, the hie Rab,David of life. in tibread. This blotting, or blaft of God, is fometimes put for a florin or from ¡twj3 mighty tempett, fuddenly railed up, by the power of God. Thus 1.71 (Exod, r 5.8.) Al oferrelating the fudden deftruA'ionofthe Egyp- tians in the Red tea faith,with the blaff of thy noftrils, the waters 11nhelavi- weregathered together,thefloodsfloodupright as an heap, &e. That . is,wíth the wind,which God fent out as his inarument,he gathe- red the waters to fwallow up theEgyptians,andCave his own peo- ple. Andwe find the word (Ifa. 25. 4.) ufed todenote the furie_ ous blotting; violence ofwicked men, in the day of their rageand madnefsagainft the Church. When the blaft ofthe terrible ones is as aftorm againft thewall,thouJhalt bringdown thenoifeoftheftran gers, as the heat in a dryplace, disc. By the ; Waft ofGod.] God in this ac`d of vengeance againft the plowers ofwickednefs, is prefented to us in his Name, Eloab ; which fignifies the mighty or puiflant God ; So Mr Broughton tranflate it, By the breath of thepuifant they perifh. The thong Go d, or God in his ftrength, comes armed againft thong tranf greffors.The effea thews the ftrength ofthis blaft, For By his blafi theyperifh, faith theText, it is the word ufed be- fore, they are not only a little withered or fcorched,but they are utterly confumed they are de[troyed, root and branch, head and taile,as in one day. The next words in the Text,by the breathofhis noftrils theyare: confumed, are but the repeatingofthe fame thing ; yet there is a confiderable difference in the expreffìons. By the breath ofbis no. ffrils. ] The word (Ruacb) which we there tranflate breath,, Lignifies generally, fpirit, ghoft, breath or wind ; fometimes the Holy