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¡Chap. ry.. An Expofition upon the Book of J 0E. VerC 9, Holy Ghoft, who is br eathed from the Father and the Son, the breath ofGod put alone,rtotes the wrath of God,/fa. 30, 33: 2o Abet ispreparedofold, &c.The breath ofthe Lord (fc. the wrath of the Lord) like a'trearn of brineffone, dòth kindle it. This phrafe alfo,:Thebreath ofGods nojfrils, fignifies the anger and wrathof otJpi nom God. And the auges of God is called the breath of his noffrils, af- vebevicnrr , ter the nanner ofmen and other creatures,becaufe anger breathes 4 nariunkfa- out at their noftirls : TheNaturalifts obferve,r that anger infla- eu irans indi- ring the fpirits, and heating theheart frequent breathing fol- ` nt lows (as it were)to cool the fire, and to cafe that inflamation; an angry manbreathes quick and fhor:: When Saul was enraged and mod with malice againft the Saints,he is faid,To breath out threat- nings andflaughter, Acts 9. a. therefore alto, auger is called; fthe breath ofGods noffrils. In nafo enin Further, it is confiderable, that the word noffril, is put alone, irraoppvehementiore aret, a for the wrath of God, Pfal. 95. a 1. Hefware in bis nof}ril, that fpieatione,.eP is, (as we tranflate it) Hefimare in his wrath, that they 'Heald not petiîmura es) cuter into his ref(. Likewife Pfal. 2. 12. If his wrath be .kinked xeme,(%tanoauk but a little; the Hebrew is, it his nofe or nof1ril be kindled but a diratatiane little ; the noftril being an organof the body, in which wrath piciateiracon- fhewsit fell, is put for wratt t Pelf. Palenefs and fnuffing of YCr. fu the nofe, are fymptomes ofanger. In our proverbials, to take a thing in fnuff, is to take it in anger. Again, in Scripture we find,that flownefs to anger, and haftinefs to be angry,are exprefi by the different frame of the noflrils; as nataael.y,when the Lord VEIN Tilt is laid to be flow in anger, the Hebrew is, long of noffrils : (Pfal. 103.8.) The Lerdis flow to anger, or,(Exod.34. 6.) Long.fef faring. In both places, the Original is, long of noffrils, that is, efanger, or long ere he beangry. On theother fide, a paffionate, cholerick man, a man ready to conceiveanger, is faid to have a MISR `13P (trait or athort noftriIl ; He that is loon angry dealeth foolifbly, Brevis Prov. 114..17. TheHebrew is,he that bath aflaort or a narrow no- ad iron, preceps ftril, delet foolifhly, becaufe fuch men are molt apt to conceive 171;ave10í anger; So then, while Eliphaz faith, by the breath of bis noffrils S& P)/r4. they are confumed, it is, as if lac had faid, by the wrath and dif 5cp9 S' lcaureof God they are confumed ; and the Septuagint tranflate piritufurarir P f ejur defteium. it , direUly by anger, They are confirmed by the breath, orfpirit of hisanger ; fo others in the Latine, They areconfirmed lby the fpi rit of hisfury, Andboth thefe words, breath and blaff, are found together in one place, 2 S,srtt. 22. a6, At the bl off ofthe breath of his