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Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. irerf; 13. 83 body ; So David, andother Pen -menof the Scriptures,wrote by the immediate infpiration of the Holy Ghoft, yet without viable apparitions to them, or viable change upon them. Thirdly, God revealed himfelf, by Vries and 2hummim, which was an anfwer given by the Ephod, or by the Hones that were on thebreaft- plate of the highPriei. Thefe three wayes of divinerevelation (as they obferve)ceafed in thefecond Temple. The Jewifh writers having this tradition, That after the latter Prophets, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachy, the Holy Gboil departedfrom 1Jrael ; meaning the Holy Ghofi(not in the ordinary work of fandification, but) in thole extraordinarywayes of pro phelie, infpiration,and of Vrim and Tleummim, went sip and departed from them. There was yet a fourth way of-divine revelation, which they call Bathcoll, the daughter of a voice, or eccho, declaring the will of God immedi- ately fromHeaven: fuck fume conceive to be,the voice heard from Heaven, Matth. 3. r proclaiming the teftimonyofGod concern- ing Chritt, a voice was beadfrom Heaver, fäyiug, this is my belov- ed Son, in' whom I am well ?leafed. But tapafs from thefe traditions of the Jews, we fhall give you the dotrine ofdivine revelations, more diftint;tly from the Scriptures. We find (Numb. 12. 6, y, 8 ) three diftind wayes, in which the Lord revealed himlelf of old unto his people. If therebe a Prophet amongyou, 1 the Lord will make my felf known unto him in a vifion, andwill fpeakunto him in a dream ; My fer- vant Mofes is notfo,who isfaithful in all mine boufe, withhint will I r fpeak mouth to mouth, even apparently ; and not in dark fpeeches, and the Jiimilitude of the Lord(hall he behold. This is an illuflrious text, defcribing three diilind wayes or degrees ofholy revelation. Firft, by vifion, which we have here in Job.Secondiy, by a Dream, whichwas when God prefented fomewhat to them fleeping: This kind ofrevelation God vouchCafed not only to his own people and Prophets,but toheathens alfo,and strangers from his Covenant: Pharaoh had a revelation by a dream (Gen.4i.) concerning the (even years of famine ; and Nebuchadnezar had a wonderful revelation by a dream (Dan. 2.) concerning the Rate ofthe four Monarchies. The wife men of the Eatt, were warned in a dream, to returns into their Country another way, Mátth, z. But with the Saints, there revelations by dreams,were very frequent; Jacob (Gen. 2$.) in a dream, as he slept upon a ftone, f wa ladder, &e. ofeph,Jaeobs fon, had fo manydreams,. M 2 that.