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84 Chap. 4.. An Expo tion upon the Book of J OB. Verf. 13. that his brethren jeered himwith it, and called him,the Captain_ t iiZply: dreamer, The dreamer, a Malfer of dreams, Gen. 37. 19. Jo- i feph thehusband of Mary, was twice warned in a dream, full, that he thould not forfake his wife,Mat,i.and then that he Should go into Egypt, Matth. 3. Many other the like revelations by dreams, might be inftanced in, but I forbear. There is a third way 1poken of in this Text, and that is,fpeaking mouth to mouth myfervant Mores isnot fo, with himwill Ifpeakmouth to mouth, evenapparently. This isa more eminent way of heavenly mani fellations then the former; Mofes had a priviledge above the or- dinaryProphets. For to fpeakcnouth to mouth, is expounded (by apparently) I willfpeakplainly, or apparently, not in a vifion or in a dream When a man (peaks mouth to mouth to his friend, or (as the Scripture phrafes our communion with God in Hea- ven) face toface ; this is oppofed to a more remote or obfcure communiotf. As our feting God face to face in heaven, fo his fpeaking taus, mouth to mouth on earth, notes the clearett and fulleft revelation : It is to give us his mind,nakedly, without any figure or íhadow ; or as Chrift is laid once in the Golpel) to fpeakplainy, andnot in Potables. And there fpeakings mout!s to mouth, were of two forts: Either immediate, as himfelf did. untoMofes; or 4s t+) others, by the minittry of Angels ; God of- ten employedAngels in this fervice,to declare his mind,and bring ineffages to his people; This was a kind of fpeaking mouth to mouth : but hid Mofes an honour beyond this, with himwill! fpeakmouth to mouth, I by my fell, not I, by a createdAngel: Vifions to keep the term in hand) were (you fee) a prin- cipal means, bywhichGod broke his mind, and unlockt the fe- crets of his counlels. Ifthere be a Prophet amongyou, I the Lord will make myfelt known unto him in a vifion. And to clear this point about vilìons yet more fully, we may diftinguith of divers forts of vifons. First, a vifion is fometime put for any ordinary difpenfationof the will of God,to his Prophets or Minifters,who- as from God, difpenfe it to his people, (Prov. a9. r 8.) where vi- fonfaileth, thepeopleperifh, that is, where there are none to pub- lith and declare the mind of God (no not in an ordinary wiy) to a people, that people are in the ready way toperdition. Without thevifions ofgrace, there isno ordinary way t© the vijions of' glory. Secondly, By a vifion, we underftand an extra®rdinary workof. God,