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I; tr,;; I.i Chap. S. An Expoftion upon the Boolt of j O B. Verf. 15. faith, lhefinners inZion are afraid, fearfulnefs furprifeth the hypo crite, whofhali dwell with devouringfire ? God provoked is a de- vouring fire. How fnall Rubble and fpiders webs Rand beforehim? when trouble comes, the truft ofhypocrites goes to wrack; they tremble then, for their trufl is but a fpiders web, it cannot flánd one ílroak, or endure the flaming heat. The hope of a godlyman grows ftrongeft intimes oftrouble, he is purifiedin the fire ; and the 'hope of an hypocrite weakens, till it benone atall in times of trouble, it is caft out of doors amongfl the rubbi'th, or is confuried with the fire. 4: Take thisparallel between the fpidersweb, and the profcflì- oh of hypocrites. The fpider makes his web to catch and enfnare others, to"catch the pour flies. Shebath adoúble ufe of het hbufe, to lye in it and to entrapflies init. Her houfe is a fnare.The 'pro- fflionof an hypocrite is a fpiders'web in this notion ; he makes it to'catch flies with, to enfnareand deceive the Pimple, that he may prey upon them : he would count godlinefs a poor thing did he not make a gain of godlinefs; that brings him in foodand, cloath- ing he lives upon it.Thishis deceitful web-isfo lmnefpún,and-fairly wovcn that you cannot eafily difcernany thing,but truthand beau- ty in it : hypocritescannot be d Thnguifht by the outïfrdeof what they do ; their lewdnefs is under a cover. Some tell us that the Flcbrew word for an hypocrite, may be derived from another, Nebu1o,dnecu- which íi;nihes a cloud the-wickednefs of fuch is wrapt tip In a Fa,quimen da- cloud ; whence the latine word for a-crafty, diflíoneft Main, im- ia- furs went- ports one who cafi:s a cloud or a miff before- his difhonefl So Fa>n quandám y ( tenebras ob. that it is hard to makethis difcovery,till effe6s, and iffues make it. lícrr. OnlyGod looks quite thorow all clouds and coverings, he fees what is in the heart, though -man-cannot. God feeshis contrivan- ces areonly to fervehis'turn, and attain -earthly ea ds I ' 5. The hypocrite Iike the fpider, thinks himfelf fafeand out of 4ninralrulum harms way; when once lodg'd in this - proflI on : He is ready to illud -wide ivt- boati that the gates of hell than, not prevail againli it. So much becillum& foi; the similitude. er'Ficiojun Now follows the a lication of the fimilitude' in- the fifteenth medirabandum pp potius quern, verfe. prudenrdomi- t eitiu:nædf;at Vert. 15. Hejhall lean upon his houfe but itJh,sll not fiand; be-fhall rp quofetutat3 take hold f it,but it fháll not endure. W jlitraet, ol. iaddgoesvn brin$dçwn finilitudetoxhisparticular. This