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r G.hap:8. An Eypoftionupon the'1?'oolZbf O;ß vcrGi,S 93 Thus the fpider doth,and thus the hypocrite: the fpider Ieans up- on his houfe, therehe dwells ; and fo the hypocrite,] e lens upon his houfe,therehe;dwells and refits himfelf, The word which we tranilate lean , is often ufed in the old Te- flatnent, tonote the vital Jet of faith, the ad of recumbency; t Faith,in the-vital ad of it is a rcftipg upon another Now falfe 1.irxus innifus - faith imitates true faith, that will be rolling and leaning. Faith y,iefu'c g,ic whether true or-falfe cannot Rand alone, it Inuit have a lean -to. totx viribur, He l'ea,neth upon hHhour e. per ,eotapfio- raa, cor Jräat. Ir noteth leaning upon a flaff, or upon any flay (s Sam. i. 6.) Saul leaneduponhisJpear,being weary in the bat tel: And Frov.3.5. Lean not to thine own underfanding. Wife men, men of deep reach and judgement, lean to their own underflandings,their wits are their props (Ifa. i o. 2o.)The remnant ofIfraclpall no moreJtay thernfèlves upon him thatfazote ¡bras,brot theyfhalljfayupon thrLord, or, They (hall lean upon the Lord, the holy One of IJi áe!, in truth. ( 2 Sam. 22.) I9. theypreventedmein the day ofmycalamity, but the Lord was my flay. God prevents his people with merry, and their enemies prevent themwith unkindneff;s s but the love of God out-runs the malice ofman ; his love flays up thole whom malice would caft down. The Lord was my flay. And hence, the Noun ofthis Verb in the Hebrew fìgnifies a fajf, becaufe we ufe a ftatl- to lean and refi the body upon ( 3.1.) Behold the Lordofbolts loth takeaway from Jerufalem andfrom judah,theflay and theftafr, the wholeflay of bread, and the wholejfay ofwater. Theflay of bread,,. or, the Pfaffof bread; becaufe bread is that uponwhich the life of city edit Ilia. man leans or depends, as we depend or lean upon a ftaff. Bread Npboracum is elegantly called a Staff, becaufebread (supports the life of man, fiat/mm/4m as a ftaff cloth the body. It implies this alto, that the power, ver-- Panic ufurpat tue and ftrength by which bread doth fiat] aff it us,comes fromwith- l'Y0 pane e>aa rífzranc out ; Theffaffof breach he doth norcall the bread it felf.a frail', fo'is 2im tUart but he faith, there is a flaff ofbread., the bread mutt have a half ja it accede>e., (ofbleflìng from God ) or elfè it cannot be a.ftail (offtrengthrìing vs a7itigrel: to us) As the bread is the immediate flail-- of our bodies , fo the jusfe"ur ra Guntur ba:ula ble[fng of God is the immediate ftaffcifthe bread :the bread lean- ira pa i, ¿ici' eth upon the blefling of Godas we lean upon the bread.As an hun- tur batiere ha. gry man leans upon his bread,fo an hypocrite leans-upon-his houle, cíatum-`^ He (hall lean uponhishauj.- That'shis flay. Ifa, x. But, what is his üoufe ? He [ball lean upon h,ìs houfe. The - .lytt)