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1. Chap. B. n Expofition upon the Book, oft O B. Vcrf.i5. The houle of this hypocrite it is two-fold; or he hath two hou- Es. He hath a worldly houle, and he hath a fpiritual houle. He hath one houle made out of earthly materials, and another made out of heavenly materials. He bath an houle made out of worldly materials, and fo Tome 1 0^ u ? interpret this place, He Pall lean u p on hdboa f e ; that is, upon his voçsr b,na ffrulrare, eiur riches,upon his relations,upon his greatnefs,upon his friends,upon quibushornner his correfpondencies, upon the ellimation that he hath abroad in ièfulcia,r,juc- the world, upon his reputation with his neighbours at home. r, illud,ope: Thefe framed and put together are a houle which the hypocrite e! ' ítitmxeiut f builds for himlelf, upon thefe he refts : and that's a truth, the vali:ada.Dru. world is an hypocrites fupport, the houle upon which he leans. The money in his cheft upholds him, not faith in his heart ; his goods pleafe him more then goodnefs.He eafilybelievesthat he is in the favour of God,becaufe he ha_ th fo much favour amongmen. That'sone houle. Bildad might aim at this, bccaufe Job was a man ofa full and vall eftate,the richeft and greateft ofall themen in theEaft;as ifhe had faid,Job,thou haft leaned upon thy outwardabundance,upon -thy )(beepand oxen,upon thy children andfervants, andnow thou ftndeft all but a fpidersweb,Jwept away in a moment. Yes (I conceive) he mean's rather a houle built ofheavenly materials. And there are three forts ofheavenlymaterials,out ofwhich the hypocrite builds his houle. a. Gifts : he hath knowledge and underftanding in the word and wayesofGod, the gift of prayer, the gift (it may be) of tongues, of propheíeand preaching. Thefe are excellent mate- rials,and upon thefe he builds his trait, that he is in a god estate. The fecond fort ofmaterials are holy duties,he prays, he hears, he fafteth, and he gives alms, and the like ; thefe he doth, and out of thefe materials he builds his houfe, very firongly he hopes. Third ly,he hath finer fluffthen all this to build his houfe of, he buildeth upon fuppofed graces ; he can tell you,he hath faith, he bath love, he hath patience, he bath humility,and he hath forrow for fin ; he can count all thefe things, and out of thefe he build- eth himfelfan honk of 1pecial confidence, fuck a horde as he doubts not will Rand all windes and weathers : he hopes to hand i:ifein judgement, under the roof and goodly fabrick of this houle. Out