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Chap: 8. An Expo.fttion upon the Book,ofJ O B. VCrt:t 5. 95 Out ofthefe three forts of materials, fpiritual gifts, fpiritual duties, and fuppofed fpiritual graces ; upon all thefe, and out of thefe he buildeth, and thinks he bath" made an horde that flu(' Rand for ever. The point I (hall give you, taking in thole three forts ofniate- rials,is, Thgtgifts, duties, andfuppofedgraces,are theflay and the (laff,the houfe,and theflrength ofhypocrites. Upon thefe they lean, and in thefe they fecure themfelves; they reft upon this bottome for eternity; Hence they even dare toplead with God hindelfabout it. (Mat.7. 22.)Many willfay unto me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we notprophefied in thy Name, and in thy Name call out,devils, and donemany great wonders ? they tru- lied upon, Have we not prophefied? Have we not prayed ? have we not done wonders? They thought thofe fuflicient materials to build them a tower which (hould reach heaven it felt; who can doubt but theywho'do fuch things as thefe ¡hall do well ? The gift of prophefie, the power to cart out devils, and work miracles, found high, and makea great noise. Yet at lait, this tower of their con- fidenceproves buta Cattle in the air, or afpiders web. How con - fident were they who could plead thus with God:He bath opened the ferrets of heaven to us, and do you think he will Clint the gates ofheaven upon us ? we have preached, we have been in- ftrumentsofPaving others,and fhall not we be raved our felvcqwe havecaft out devils,; and (hall we be cart to the devil ? we have not walked in an ordinary tract ofprofeílion, but we have traded in wonders and done miracles, we have amazed the world with reports of the great things we have done,is all this nothing? Thus they plead with Chrift, as ifhe werebound to Pave them by the Law of thefe fervices yet Chrift tells them,Departfromme, I knon you not: Surely, thought they; God will fetch his fewel for thoti everlafting burnings from among the rude Hcathens,or debauche( drunkards, adulterers, &c. not from among us. were it not ú wonder greater then any we have wrought, if we who have n11",, ut vó wrought great wonders ihould not be admitted ? one oft he An- db r . cients reprefents them in fuch an amazement. What means this ?QJ,., mac. firange, unexpelïed anf'wer from Cbrift, depart, &c. Muff we de- Chryfoil. part who have lived fonear thee ? Muft we be damned, whom thou haft thus honoured ? The Apoftle Paul(Rom.2.I7.)fpeakingofthe hypocritical) Jews, di fcovcrs