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9 ; Chap. 8. AnExpof tien upon the Bookof J OB. vets. I g, d:-covers filch aconfidence, thou refteff in the Laav,as a man refieth in his houfe, there he fleeps and is quiet;fo there in the Law,there they were quiet,that is, in the priviledges and outward profeflîon iibi appiex lù of the LaW,or in a literal andoutward obedience to the Law. The quod tegem, Jews built their houfe upon, or with legal righteoufirefs, Thou j,ripranarce- ;ejfeftin the Law ; he fpeaks both by way of narration , and =!eris.gnod fre- Iikewifè by way of redargution : He tells what they did, quens et w 1 :. and how ill they did in doing fo. Paul rejeEts this as refute £hone (- ands tlútf; as `hay and straw, as drofs anddung,as confidence in the jlefh, ewe legi3. (Phil 3. 3. &c.) Thofè things which atcd orenjoyed,are 1pirit, being trusted to,are flab. So prayer is fleth, ordinances are flea), the righteouiuefs of the Law is flet71; yea, Grace itfelftrufted to is jlefh..The duties which Chritt hath appointed are the houfe of the hypocrite:but Chritfhimfelf is the houfe ofthe upright;he would befound an hima,(Phii.3.9.)not in duties or inherentgraces,Saints defire-that much grace may befound in them,but theydare not be found in graces;they would ever be affinggraces, but never trufl- them. Secondly, Obferve, An hypocrites hope id high andJlrong, that his eftate it good now, and that he Jhall receive goodat the Taft. He leaneth upon his houfe. Some are without hope in the world, of whom we may fpeak as the Apotil'e ofan heretick (Tit. 3, II.) they are condemnedofthentfelves. Some men have the fen- tence of condemnation in their own hearts. But there are others, as you fee here,who have great and tirong confidences in them- felves, who live and We with this confidence too; this they do upon the former witnefs. As the Apoftle John fpeaks concerning the witnefs which the Saints have for heaven,Thereare three which bear witnefs, &c. and thefe three areone So there are three which bear witnefs to the hypocrite,and thefe three are one ; they agree in one to deceive, as the other to give áifurance. Firti, The world 'that givetil many a man a wirnefs and letters tethnaonial, that lus dine is g-ood,his neighbours fay Lb, they flat- ter üim,and cry peace pace to him. Sécondly, Satan a;pplaucis him,.tlì devil gives him his good wgr.i, and tells hint that certainly his ellate is very good, Thirdly, hi own heart will fear to all, he ttha.11have the z?;wet} rí+ bi:raJ[lf, as it is Ipoken Of tilt true b: liever,So that the',ilypocrite ,nab whuafl s, a witnef5 hiintclt, a certificate un- der