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o6 Chap. An Expofitionupon the Book, of J O B. Vert i7 grow if he can, though he inwraps himfelfabout the foundation of anothermans houfe,raifing or fecuring his dilate upon hisneigh- boues wrong or ruine. Hypocrites care not whom they injure, fo themfelves may thrive, though they undermine the foundation ofanother mans houíe,and loot his eflate, to fallen their own. 5. Hirr roots are wrapped about the heaps, may note the firmnefs, and the feeming flrength ofhis !landing. He is rooted, not in fome look and fandy earth, or in tougher clay, but his roots are wrap- ped about a heap offlones. As (Mat. 7.) the houle founded upon the fand could not continue when the florms came , but the hook founded upon the rock did ; fo a tree that is rooted only in loofe, height ground, cannot ftand againft a great tempelt, we fee filch trees blown down; but that which is rooted among, the ftones,and wrapped about their heaps,that which interweaves and incorporates itfeif(as it were)with a rock, this bath firength againft all forms. Thus hypocrites pretend to Chrift, and fay they have wrapped themfelves a bout that rock; they will (peak ,great words, and biddefiance to all the world can do, profeffing they have laid up a good foundation, and that the munition of rocks is their defence. Domiimlapi- Andfeeth the place ofjtones. 'duetcernet,id, elfin ter lapides The words may be trauflated, He dwelleth andhefiayeth in the folic! erprove- place offlames, or, he plants himfelfamongshe ffones ; and then it eb`µarvxat_ carries the fame fenfewith the former claufe: So Mr. Broughton, xmv osnu. Heplatteth about thehoufe of(tone. The Septuagint thus, Hefhall 7ept. ' live in the midit of the ffones And the ChakleeParaphrafl,He fball Interlapides fee with his eyes the place offfones. We are near that fente, And commorabitur. feeth the place oftones : That is (for all there rendrings ofthe He pomumlapi- brew will come to a fair agreement, and the refult is this dumocculje he lives, abides, converfes or dwells, even, where there acmes vidit, brut, tobe the leaf probability ofhis flay, he flayeth in the place of flones. 1 ! 1 The Hebrew-is, houfe ofjiones ; and houfe is taken either for Y3omutvelge- that fpecial place whereinmen dwell, or generally for any place; neraliter ¡Met, ¡calm: quad to that, the houfe offfones, is either a"houfe naturally built; Na- aliquidcapi- ture ufeth a kind ofart; or an houfe artificially built:: art isbut an tut v0 anti- imitation ofnature. Mdefeetb, that is, he feems to abideor coati- new. uueinthat houfe ofRom, he is very eminent or glorious in that place :