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Chap. 8. An Expofition upon the BookofJ O B. Verf i 8. i o7 place : The fame word is read (Dan. 8. 5.) where Daniel (-peak- ing ofhis vifion, faith, the Goat which heLim in the vifion bada 3°í1ü' 1 notable horn; the Chaldce is, a born offight,he had a horn of fight, Cornu afpeaut that is a confpicuous or a notable horn : or, as others resider it, ef:cornu con- he had a perplexed, enfolded, or enwrapped horn, a wreathed Jp"uum semi. horn. So that the word lignifies both the confpicuoulnefs ofa aliacOrbat rpra thing, and likewife the infoldnefs and complicationofit. ahj corms per A learned Interpretergives yet another fenfe, He looks into the pexitatis,idof , houfe ofJlone; that is, he hinders the light, or darkens the houfe perplsxum t, by perking upfo proudlyby,or near the windows;as ifhe had Paid, fzFtratum. he annoyes his Ma(texs bode both below and above,at the foun- dation, and at the windows. TheRate ofthe hypocrite thus fetled and made firm among -fiones, is yet a tottering one, it will not,be able to Band, the 18. verte thews this. Verf. 18. if he defiroy himfrom his place, it(hall deny him,faying, I have not Peen thee. There is much difficulty ingiving a clear fenfe of thefe words. Ifhe deflroyhim from his place. Ifhe) Who is theAntecedent to this he? There is no antecedent expreft in the Hebrew. Some under- ';and it thus, ifhe, that is, if theLord, ifGod come to take ven- geance on thisman, who fèems to be a tree, fo highly grown,and fo deeply rooted. Secondly,wemay carry on the fimilitude thus,Ifhe dell roy him, that is, ifthe Gardner or the Husbandman ; if the Matter or owner of that ground or place,feeing a tree thus luxuriant, gtow- ing fo near the foundation of his houle, and fo wrapped about the place ofiones, hindering the light, darkning the windows ofhis houfe ; ifhe come to deftroy or cut him down, it (hall deny him. Or, thirdly, ifhe deflroy hi»z ; that is, if the Sun defiroyhim : So.Mr. Broughton tranflates, Ifthe Sun root him up from his place. But can the Sun root a"tree up from his place ? Ycs,the Sun roots up a tree,when the Sun,before which a tree flouri(hes a while,cafls his beams fo hot upon it, that it is fcorched. Extream heat draws out all the moifiure ofa tree,and kills it.In that fenfe the fun may be ffid to root up a tree, the Sunkilling the tree,caufeth it to be rooted