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Ghap,g. .ElnExpofition upon the Bookof} O B. Verf.i. 157 dome at heart. A foolithmin is without an heart. As an hypocrite bath twohearts,a double heart,an heart,and an heart; fo a tòoliiii man hath never an heart. Hypocrites will be found at !alt to have no hearts, they are thegreatest fooles of all. Ephraim (1101.7.1 1.) is called, afilly Dovewithout heart.Sillinefs is heartlefnefs. There- fore in the r ath Chapter of this book, verte 3. the hearris put a- linefor underfanding, I have art heart as well asyou (tàith fob ) we tranilate it, I have underftanding as well as you. Heart alone notes wifdome, but a wife heart notes abundance of wifc:ore. Hence obferve, God is infinitely wife. Heis wife in heart,wifdome it felf,, the Lord ingroffes all wit- dome,and is therefore filed by the Apoitle,God only wife (r Tim. r.r7,.)he is only wife,becaufe all wifdome is his;thecr eature hati none but what he gives out;hehash it all lockt up in his own.trea- fury; and as he difpenfeth it,fo man receives it. There is a twofold aíf of wifdome, and both mot eminent in God. The firi is knowledge in the nature of things. The fecond is, knowledge_how toorder anddifpofe of things. The former is properly called Science, and the Patter prudence. Where there is much of the former, and a want of the latter, man in that cafe is likea Ship that hash a very large fail,but wants a rudder to order it's courfe, and ballait to poile it. Both thefe meet in the Lord t hehath (as we may fay) a vait fail, infinitely 'extending to the knowledge ofall things: and he bath a moll exad rudder, and ballait of prudence, toorder and tomanageall things.The know- lege of fome_men is too hard fortheir wifdome, they are not ma- iler of their knowledge, though theymay be mailers in their art. The Lord knows all,and he rules all his knowledge. Andmighty inffrength. .rra It is much for man, to be failedftrong Or mighty ; . but 'mightyin D ffrr d ffrength is the fileof God.Thefe in coniruftionnote the 'n tinefs,the All- powerfuinefs,the All-fuifrciencyof theLord ; he is quod Jlrcrufra. not only frongor mighty, but mighty in fren $th. °rd araef1tràn;- The wordwhich we tranflate ftrengih ( referred to man) im- ftcat,idem quód portsthat natural power and livelyvigour which in man is: the Grecè principleof irength,which nur{es and feeds man with continual dbpxwsqu, fupplies ofac`ivity. The Lord ismighty in this f rength, he bath;;, áperee2erit_ ' an infinite, an everlatting fpring 9fstrength in him, he fpends no Pe!erc. Strength,