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Chap. 9. An Expofttion upon the Bookof J O B. Vert: 4. a 63 Jhouldlet Ifrael goe ? Here was Pharaoh hardening his heart, and heeling his fpirit agáinft the command of God. God fens him a command to let -Ifrael goe; he replies, Who it the Lord? / know not the Lord : who is this that takes upon him' to command me ? Am not I Kingof.Ægypt? I know no Peer,much lets Superiour Lord. It was true indeed, poor creature ! he did not know the Lord Pharaoh (poke right in that, Iknow not the Lord ; ifhe had, he would never have Paid, I will not let Ifrael go, he would have let all goe at his command, had he known who the Lord was that commanded.ThusSennacherib(2Chron.32.14.) blafphemes by his Itneffengers, Who was, there, among all the gods ofthof e Nztions that myfathers utterly deJfroyed, that could deliver hispeople out of?nine hand, thatyour God fhouldbe able to deliver you out ccl' mine hand? Thefe are hard words against God, and hardening words to man. Everyaft offin hardens the heart ofman, but the heat of blaf- phemy at once Thews and puts itj into the extremity ofhardncfs. Man Iiardens himlelf adinft God four wayes efpecially. First, Upon prefumption ofmercy ; many doe evil, becaufe they heare God is good; they turn his grace into wantonnefs, and are without all fear of the Lord, becaufe there is fo much mercy with the Lord. Secondly, The patience of God, or his delayes of judgment, hardenothers;becaufe God is flow to ttrike,they are fwift to litt.If the foundof judgment benot at the heels of tïn, they conclude, there isno fuch danger in fin. Solomon obferved this (Eccl. 8 ,o r.) Becaufefentence againff any evil nzorkjsnot cxecutedfpedily,the,e fare the heart ofthefoes ofmen is fully Jet in them to do evil,or, it ¡ Josh in them to doe evil. They have not time velleities and propensions, Ionic` motions and inclinations, forne queries and debates about ir, but the matter ( upon this ground) is fully Rated and determined, they are fo full ofit, that they have no room in their hearts ihr better thoughts or counfels : the Cum of all is,they are hardened and refolved to do evil. Thirdly, Grofs ignorance hardens many, a. Ignorance of themfelves. And, 2. Ignorance of God : he that knows not what he ought to doe, cares not much what he doth. None are fo vcr,- turouz as they, vtho know not their danger. Pharaoh raid, I :;;ion' not=the Lord, he knew.not the Lord, nor himfelf, thereto:,. he rah on blind- fold,anddefperately.hardened hitrafelfagainii the Lord. Y 2 Fourthly,