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12 Chap. 8. Am Expefiti®n upon the Book of J O B. Verf. 3, Pacer legem kl , & preceptum effacers judi- ¡; , ciumDeusidea leget foot ju- dicia vacar, quad egnifftma funï,quopre. ¡cribira_ ÿzçk.y4 54- judgement and juftice are often put in Scripture for the fame, and when put together,the latter is an epithite to the former, :Pfa1m, I I9 I2t.I have done judgement andjuffice : that is, I have done judgement juf}ly,exaEtly to a haire.Sometimes they have a ditlinfk fignification. Firft, Judgement fignifies,that right which every man ought to do at all times(Pfal. Io.6. 3'. Ifa. 5. 7.) Secondly,The Law or rule it felf according to which every man is to write,Levit.26. 26. PJal.t 9. I o.God calls all his Laws judge- ments,becaufe they are all, molt juft and equal. Judgement hatha threefold oppofition, by which we,mayuncle rf}and the nature of it. First, Judgement is oppofed toanger, rigour andfeverity,jerá o. 24. Garrett rae 0 Lord, but with judgement, not in thine anger? that is, Correa me mercifully, moderately,iand in .meafure fuf-- fer not thy whole difpleafure to : arife; donot exact the utmoft farthing. In which ,fenlethe judgements: of God upon wicked men in hell, [hall, be without judgement : And thus todo a thing without judgment, is all one, as to do it without mercy. 2. Judgement is oppofed to folly, or to foolifhnefs : Judge- ment is wildome:,,,when we fay, fuck an one is a man of judge- ment, wemean, he is a wife man. Thus judgement is an ability, to judge.. 3.Judgment is oppofed to injuiliceand wrong,which is the vul- gar and common meaning. We may take it in any of there feules her As judgement isop poled to anger, fo it is moderation in juftice,l'dll the Lordpervert judgement ? That is,will not he be as moderat: i n executing judg- ment,as equity can admit ? Hof. r I. 9. I trill not execute the fierce- lief} ofmineanger. I will net return to dejiroy .Ephraim, for Iam Godandnot man, the Holy One in the midjl of thee, and I will not enter into the City .As an enemy having taken a City,to ¡hew them force favour, faith, I will not enter your City with my Army to fpoyland plunder you : fo God (peaks here,Tboughmen be as wick edas they can, yet God will not be as angry as he can. Again, Will he pervert judgement, as itimports wildome?No, he walksexafly by the rule of wifdome,of the higheft and pureft wifdome. There are no mitts or clouds ofignorance before the eye of his underftanding. And,as he hath no darknels, fo no falfe lights Lafily,