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Chap. 8. An Expofition upon the Bookof J OB. Verf. 3, He means it of civil, not natural things, whofe crookednefs is often cured by art ; but who can cure all civil evills ; man is not able by all his diligence to turn the courfe of things which God bath determined, though to him there appear much crookednefs, -and many diliortions. Solomon himfelf makes this interpretation (Chap: 7. 13.) where hefhews, that it is belt to fubmit God, be caule his will is irrefìftible,and the effects of it unavoidable; Con- fider the morkofGod, for who can make that firaight which he bath made crooked ? So then, to pervert judgement is to make judge- ment crooked ; or tomake judgement (towhich all things and per(bns (hould bow) to bow it felf down, as the word is alto ufed, Ecclef. I a. 3. In the defcription.of old age, The ftrong men .)hall bow themfelves ; the leggs and knees inoldage bow and dou- ble under us. Topervertjuftice is to creeple juftice, to make it lame andhalt. This word is tranllated to overthrow (Joh..19.6.) Know now that God loathoverthrown me, and bath compaffedme in with his net. Job fpeaks in a great paflion, -as if God had come upon him violently in judgement,and caft him:Wefay a man is overthrown or call in his fuit. God overthrows menand Nations ; but he ne. ver overthrows juftice. A man who overthrows his adverfary, may fettle juftice: job looked upon himfelf, as one againft whomGod had entred his;adion,and overthrownhim in the fuit. Lamenting Jeremy cryes out (Lam. 3.59.) 0 Lord, thou hallPeen my wrong (it is this word) thou haft Peen how I am vexed , and wrefted by the hard dealings of men, judge thou my cafoe.; thou wilt judge me aright, and fet me ftraight again. Judgement is perverted two wayes, i. By fubtilty. 2. By power. Firft, Some pervert judgement by fubtilty ; they are wife to do evil. The Lord bath infinite wifdome,and Ib is able togo beyond and over -reach all creatures ; he is wife enough to be.-fool all the world :--but he is not wife to do evil ; his wifdom is not a trap or a mare to others, but an unerring guide and light to him- felf. 2. Some pervert judgement by violence and force : ifthey can- not untie the knot by craft,they will cut] it afunder by power;and it they have not Law for it, they have will for it, and`an arm for it, and it (hallbe done. The Lord can do what he will, but he bath no will to doe what is evil, He can put forth as much ftrengrh