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Chap. 8;. An Expofition upon the Book ofJ p B. Verf. 3 firength as he defires,but he hath no delire to pervert jufiice,or to ad his power to over-awe and a afier it. Further, To pervert judgement and inflice, bath thefe two things in it, r: To darken and obfeure the rule ofjudge,ment. 2: To torture or mifinterpret the rule of..judgement. r Judgement is perverted by darkning and obfcuring the Law orrule of jufiice. God Both not doe fo : He never catis a miff be- fore his word, or a vail over it that he may at againti .it. 2. Neither Both he mif-interpret his Law.A good La w ill ex- pounded is made the warrant of an evil judgement. A glofs cor- rupting the text of the Law corrupts jufiice.Where tongue and con- fcience are let tofale, the wit muff find out fomewhat to help the market:' The words opened invite thefe Obfervaiions. Firfi, That God is moll exacrt injudgeuent, Godis a jufi God. It is a high. truth, and we thould adore it, that whatfòever God Both, he is Ott indoing it. When reafon cannot reach, or make it out, yet faith muff : and we mutt honour Cod in what we cannot under- hand : The Lord is righteous in all his wayes, though his waycs are pall finding out. For, i. He hears every caufebefore he judges. He loth not judge one fide, before he knows the other, or judge any man before he bathheard him fully out : We fee both (Gen. r h andGen, r 8.) in thole two great as of jutiice, when God confounded the build- ers of-Babel, and when he deiiroyed, Sodome, I mill go dzvn and fee r'hether it be altogether according to the report that is come up un- to me. God'ñeeds no intelligence to be brought him unto Heaven: neither Both he that fills all places go to any place toenform him- felf:but he fpeaks thus,to note how exafi he is in point of jufiice; to thew, rhat he deales with the children ofmen, as a man :who, hearing a report of fuch a thing done, faith, I will not judgeofit by what I hear, but I will go fee whether it be fo or no. Without evidence of the fad, the fèntence cannot be juti,though it maybe right. 2. He examinethand takes confeflión, which is another point of jufiice. So he proceeded with our lira parents (Gen. 3. )pro.. poling interrogatories unto them, and then the judgement is pro- nounced according unto what was confeti ; he judgeth them out of their own mouths, ver. a7. Becau f thon haft done 'this, and hearkene it