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Chap.8. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf.8. 63 preflès their lives by the leaft compleat time paft,to thew that thy Grcos %31's had lived but a little time pall. xj r ,y. sold, So, in Scripture, this phrafe, to morrow (oppofite to yefrerday) xS4sufrliar fgnifies not only the day immediately to come, but any tune to de.11.7u/i;:arPietur indefinitely (o Sam.28.29.) the devil anfwcrsSaul, rumor- tempere prstew row thou and thy Sons (hall be withme ; he did not know exadlÿ no ut croo do and precifely that it fhould be the very next day , but he ufi th a futuro. Druf. word which would fave his credit,ifit fbould have fallen,out ma- ny dayes orfome years after. To morrowmay be any time to come. As then to morrow Lignifies the immediate day coming, or all time . to come, fp yefferday lignifies theimmediate day pall, or all time 4,,CM710410' paft. Thus one of the Ancients fpeaks of Matthew,YYeferday a Pub. ' a3íuye91, i- lican, to day a Preacher : that is, he was heretofore a Publican,and uayy"ty -ts. now a Preacher. n cfl antes. num. Naziant,, For weare but as Yefferday. do Mat. Bildad ftileth himfelf and his friends yefterda i, to thew thcy had been but fhort-liv d,though they had liv d long. Some have given us die date of their years,or an account how okl they were. They reckon 13i1'dadan hundred and forty,Eliphaz an hundred and.i fty, ' and Zophar an hundred and twenty years old.In whatzecords the Hifferni, quaff years of their nativities were found, I know not : but probable e- f nt, na. nough it is,that they were ancient men ; And '"Chap.I-. t o.) Eli vi ep rccentera." phaz fpeaks as much,with us are both the gray-headedandvery anci- ent men, much elder then thyfather. Yet Bildadcalleth himfelf and them, but as of yefterdaÿ, either abfolutely, becaufe the life of man is fhort, or comparatively to the lives of the fathers in the iirft age of the world,who lived much longer. His meaning then is, we will not bound thee to our experiences, who have lived but a while, but enform thy felffrom them who lived nianryears a4o, and lived many years,fome ofthem nine hundred years and more; enquire of Methufelab, and his contemporaries, who are able to give thee a better account thenwe. Therefore he addeth, ' Andknow nothing. The particle [And] is here caufal , We are but of yefferday therefore we know nothing; in which fènfe we read it often. Take an inftance (Ezell; 23.3x.) Thou'haff walked in the way of thyfifier, therefore Iwill.give her cup into thine hand The Hebrew is, And Iwill her cup into thy hand,thou.(haltpledge herlin thefame ,c up of