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86 Chap. t r . eAn Expofitiois upon the Book, of J O B. Verf:a z, tempted man to be wife in a way of tin.: The frft in came in by an attempt to get forbidden wifdorrt,When the womanfaw,that the tree wasgoodfor food, and that it was pal-ant to the eye, and a tree . to be defired tomak,e one wife,fhe tookofthefruit thereof,&c. gen.3. v. 6. But what was the wifdome which the woman expeeted from the fruit of this tree? It was not wifdom toknow God,but to be as knowing as God : fo the Tempter promifed , Tefhall be as God, knowing good and evil, veri 5. To know God is eter- nal' life , but a delire to know , as God , brought in eternal' death. The Apofile cautions, not to be wife above that which is written, and advifeth Rom.l 2. 3. To be wife unto fobriety. There is an intemperance ofthe underflanding , as well as ache affeEti- ons. There are two extreams about wifdome, Ncgleaand af- fef3àtion. One cares not to know what is neceflary what may make him ho:y, and bring him near to Chrift. Anothercares on- ly to know unneceffaries. His wifdome and learning lies in can - vafing foolifh and unlearnedQueftions , which Paul bids Timothy avoid, 2 Tim. 2.z3. He pleafes himfelf with crotchets and curio- fties, with meer notions and niceties ; about thefe his imagina- tion waxes wanton, and runs riot, yea mad. Or, he muff be brea- king open of Gods cabinet, entring into his counfels, prying into his Ark, he thinks he-knoweth nothing worthy a man, unleffe he know that which is above man. Thus alfovain man wouldbe wife, and it is his vanity that he would. Though he be born as awilde affes colt. '1';7 llic vertitur pullas tamers ejupnodi rff¿ conflat, pi oneribus ve- hendis ib' agra- ria cultura áptusfit. That is like a wilde age, as fonof man is not ayoungman, but a man ; fo the ajii5 colt is not a young afle, but an afTh any affe. The word is often ufed for affes.under burthen, and fitted for ufe, which colts are not,Gen.49. t a. Binding hisfoal unto the vine,and Isis arcs colt unto the choice vine, there to take up their borden,and undergo their labour. So then, when he faith, Vain man would be wife, though born like aWilde affés colt, his meaning inplainEnglifb is only this, man would be very wife, wifer men man , he would be thought as wife as God , at leaf.' he would fearoh out the wif- dome of God, and yet indeed he is a beak x and Z.tiphar inflanceth in the wilde affe among all beaffs, becaufe the affe among beads and the wilde affe among affes is furtheft fromwifdome. Some beafts have-a kinde of knowledge, and are very teachable, but the wilde affe is not guilty ofeither. Aman ofweakei} parts and thinnelt