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Chap. i t. An expofation tapon the Book of J O B. Verf. r2. thinneft intelleatials is in (corn (though not without blame) called an affe ; as a crafty man is (without blame) called a fox. Man hath wit and fubtilty for the world , and to contrive for id rn jorem his !Luis , but being degraded from that dignityof a fon of God ,(trrpldlaate :n he walks more like a beaft then aman towards God. Eccl, 3. 18. dect,xran?o= _. IPaid in mine heart concerning the eflate of thefans ofmen, that Re God mght manifefl them and that they mightfee that they them- eertit felves arebeafls. That they mightfee; How (hall they fee it? Theyg arsfTueafrisl will not fee it till they are.lhewed it, and fcarce then. I laid in Mere. mine heart that God would manifeíl this to them;that they them- felves -are beafts. As whatfoever good we have, comes fromGod, not from nature, fo is is from God that we mutt learn the bad - neffe of nature. Man isfo macha'beai, that he cannot know him- felfto be one till god teach him. Andwe never learn tobe men, till we have learned that we were bees.Man was made like unto God, but man hath made himfelf like unto a beaft. In three refpeEs man is born like a wilde alles colt, or like a beaft. i. In regard of his ignorance;Knowledge is proper to thofe who have reafon,yet force who have reafon have fcarceany thing which can be called knowledge. And though grace repair the image of God in knowledge, yet the bell of menmay confeffe with Agar Prov.3o.z. Surely Iam more brutifh then any man, or (more near the Hebrew) then a man, andhavenot the underflanding ofa man. Nicked men are more brutilh then beafts, and holy men are more brutilh then a perfeíl man.. The beft have fomewhatof the beaft in them, becaufe they have not thewhole underftanding of a man in them. 'David charges himfelf for one fnfull a5 much more then is it true ofafinfell(late, Sofoolifh was I, and ignorant, I was as abeaft before thee, Pfal,73.2a. His difíwaf on carries the fame meaning, Pfal.; i.9. Be not as the horfe,or as the mule which have no underfkanding. And fo doth his concluGon Mal.49. jo.) Man that is inhonour andunderflandeth not, is like the beafts that perifh. Not as ifhe meant it of men quite rob'd of reafon. This not underflanding is to be reftrained to the duty of their high place 4 andthe providence ofGod in railing them to it. l-le that underftandsnot who railed him to honour, and what his honour leads'him to, is the more like or below a heart , becaufe he is fo much above other men, Of allfools afool in honour looks mo.ii' unlike a man. 2> Man