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To the Reader. onallalong, theyonly failed in Hypothefi, or in the applica- tionyeaall their applications and inferences might havefitted fosne men in fuehan outward condition as they fat, Job in , but theydid notfit lob, becaufe his inward conditionwas not fuch as they cenfuredit to be and God left them under thole aaaifapprehenfions of his inward cmdition , for the promo- ting of f his own holy deign in the full trial of Jobs patience while hisfriends wounded him deeper by thefe continual re- flec1ions uponhisfpiritual condition, than Satin or the Sabe- ans didby the breachesand irruptionsvokich they made upon his outward condition. But doth it not abatethe Divine L.futhority ofthis Book, i fany thing in it beunduly f atedandapplied? The Scripture reports many thisags,even ofthofe who wrote or fpake it Hïflorically which are againfl the Scripture Do- c`lrinally. c...íill that Mofes fpake was not right , for he once fpake unadvifedly withhis lips-(Pf. r o6.; 3.Andfo didDa- vid,when he faid in his haft all men are hers, Pf.io6. i r. c.ilndagain (Pf.7 3.1 3.)Verily I have cleanfed my heart in vain, and waffled rry hands in innocency. The Prophet Jeremy doth not onlywrite a curie upon bis birth-day, but he tunes the manwho brought tidings tohis father , laying , a man-child is born (Ier; .o. I41,5.) Jonah prayed, take my lift from me , when hefar, that Godfeared the livesof the Ninevites: He alfo was angryfor the death ofagourd, andfaid , I do well to be angry evenunto death (Ion. 4. 3, 9.) Theft things are written in scripture for our caution, not for our imitation: And they are difcoveries , not o f the wifdor and holinefe o fGod but ofthefolly and fnfulnefie ofman. soukfuehfaddifcoveries Jobmade in this Book,and Tomefueh hisfriends made. But if force pa/i'ages in this Book difcaver the weaknefe and mifakes ofthefpeakers , how can we raife doCrines and obfervationsfrom them? veryfpeech andpaffage a which the infinite,wifdom of God thath