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To the Reader. heath thoughtfit toputinto thisor any other Book o fScripture, bath in itfomewhat for our infiru lion. That blafphemy of thefool whichcontradicts not only the truth but the very bi- ing ofGod (Pfal,Y4.1.) The fool hath faid in his heart there is noGod, tearheth us this divine troth, That there are feven(that is, all manner of)abominations in the heart of man. we may draw ufeful infairuelionsfrom the words of judas the 7raitor,after Satan lead Qntred intohim and filled his heart ;. yeafrom the words ofSatan -in his temptations andpropofals unto Chrijt : much more may wefrom the fay- ings ofholymen, which are truefor the matter(as all the fay- ings o fIob andhisfriénds are)though there beafailing in the manner offpeaking,or in their references to a particular cafe. Nor is it unfafe to affirm, that even Poch favings are from the infpiration of God, which have an infallible truth in them though they whofaidfo did not randerfand themfo. when the chiefPrief andPhariseesfate in Councel , andde- bated the defiroílion cfchrifi theSáviour oftheworld,fear- ing the Romanes mooed defiroy them , and take awayboth. their name and nation caiphas whowas high-prieft that fame year faid unto them, ye know nothing at all , nor confider that it is expedient-that One man die for thepeo _pie, and that thewholenationperiíb not. ¡eh. 11.40, 5o. This was wickedand bloody counfel , according to his intend- event andmeaning.ingivingit,(for we muff not condemn the innocent though but oneman ,upon politick refpecls to pre- ferve the greateft multitude or a wholenation ofmen) yet therewas agreat trothofGodin it. , even the fumme and fubf rrce of -the whole Gofpel For it was not only ex- pedient but alto necefs'ary , that one man (lefue Chr'ifi the only Sonne of God) fbould be pot to death that the Whole nation ofthe Jews , and all the Gsvtile nations might not perifh eternally. Thais the EvangelJl explains t1 e crue ; advice of Caiphas in the next words, v. 5i. 5z. This he fpake not pfhirnfelf, but being high-prieft that year,: he-