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Chap. i r. An Expoftion upon the Rook, of J O B. Verf. 13. his hands to his mother, or to any next him,crying for their help. If a man be fallen into the mire , or water , he ftretchethout his hands prefently ; though himfelf cannot (peak, yet his hands lift- ed up fpeak for hands to lift him up. The prifoner in war calls down his weapons, and lifts uphis hands to the viftor for pitty and quarter. Thus hands lifted up or flretched out in prayer, begge mercy , and thew our dependance upon God for fuccour. The lifting up ofour eyes to God , is of the fame fignification : Vnto thee if lipmine eyes,O thou that dwellefl in the heavens, m the eyesof fervants look unto the handof their mailers andas the eyes ofa maiden to the hand ofher mifireffe fo our eyes Waite upon the Lordour Clod till he have mercy upon tss, Pfal.123.0,2. In this poflure Chrilt prayed to his father, yob.' 7. i. Thefe words j ake Jefus,and lift up his eyes toheaven andfaid,Fatber the hour iscome, glorifie thy Son. He lifted up his eyes as a fign of confidence in, and holy boldneffe with his father. This fgne is alto given, with a hand ftretched out inprayer, as Zophar gives in counfel Ifthou flretchforth thinehands towards him. Firft, Obferve, That as the heart mufl be preparedfor allgoodduties, fo efpecial- lyfor prayer. If prepare thine heart,andflretch out thine hands towards him. Prayer is aduty of greateft weight, a moil fpiritual duty, it is our acceffe to God in Chrift, it is our entring into the belief¡ by the blood of7efus, Heb.t o. 19. and if ever we hadneed to look to the holinefle of our hearts , it is when we draw neer unto the holy God , who is looking into our hearts. In prayer we delire God to look into our hearts, and (hall not we look into them our felves ? Secondly, Obferve, 'Prayer is a fpecial duty ofrepentance. And the confeionof our csnpreparedneffe, ss a fpecial part ofprayer. Zophar thought fob had need enough to repent, and he that repents hath need enough to pray : repentance is ourreturning to God ; prayer is our drawing neer to God. Iwill arife (faith the prodigal fonne) andgo to my father , and1 will fayuntohim, father, ¡have finned againfl heaven andbefore thee, and am no moro worthy to be called thyfonne. Thirdly, Ifthis prepare thineheart, andflretchout thinehands towarda ham; P 2 Hence i07