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Eo8 Chap. t . 4nExpofitiosz_.upon the Boolt, of JOB. Verf.i3. Hence Obferve ; In prayer the whole man mull be exercifed. Heart and hand muft.joyn in this duty.Not only the foul but the body mull pray; hands mat pray, knees muff pray, and eyes muff pray ; Geßures are fpeakirsq ti prayer, By thefe we pray'when we hold our peace, and lift up a loud voice when we fay never a word ; kneeling or proftrating the body freaks humility , beating the breaß, fruiting upon the thigh arefignifrcativeofforrovo , liftïng up the eyes and Fíi getasfa_ hands toheaven arguea fervent and attentive fpirit. But as it is titedegenerant. compleate$ duty to pray with hand and heart ; fo it isemptiefl Optimapreces hypocrifie, to praywith the hand and not with the heart. Thefe Zurt minimum efturés (take that caution) may foon degenerate . The body fitreptentíCSin g ( ' y g ' mkt' condit® co,_ may bevery av`live. when the foul fits ftill or is efcaped from the dis ad cumef- work. Some ufe much anion, who ufe no affehion in prayer ; feendunturgni Soulprayer though alone is. good , but woe to body-prayer vide; in occutto when it is alone ; how can it get warmth or heat when it is alone? i5 rependitin Soul-prayer is abfolutely neceffary, body-prayer is comely.. tam vo qam Internal prayer pleafeth God moft, external prayer; honours coulis auditor God molt. What God bath joyned together, let not us (whilewe oft. may keep them together) part afunder. And as the wholeman fhótild be impl'oyed inprayer,, fo efpe- daily in that fignal conclufron ofit Amen. Some ofthe ancient Hebrews teach us to gather up all our fpirits into the eflmen of prayer, becaufe prayer is (as it were) gathered all together , or fumm'd up into Amen. The fpirits of the whole prayer are con- traded into it,and fo ihould the fpirit of hirn that prayeth. Amen is a ((hart word; but it is infenceas longas the longefi prayer. Moll fay Amen , becaufe they ufe to fay to , not becaufe they know what they fay. Amen is often at the tongues end, but'ris feldome at the hearts end. Formalityand flatnefle of the fpirit,paul's and unfpirits it in the (peaking. Thereare 3. things which the Rab- bins have"óbferved upon the laying of Amen. Firft , Your Amen (fay they) mull not be hafly. Secondly, It ,mull not be maimed or defe&ive. Thirdly, It muff not be alone. Arefit refponf :o Firfi, It mull not be hafly, without a fetled contderation of 4x ,tncens ra- what We have prayed for. We muff fay Amen with our under- ptamanca or- (landings.. That's the Apoftles argument for prayer in a known ha, inAntis ad language s,.elfe.when thou(halt bleffe with the Spirit , howfhall he Pirke Avorh. that occupieth the roomof the unlearnedfay amen atthygiving of thanks, feeinghe anden ideth not what am fayeß ? a Cor.14,r6. Secondly.,