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Chap. a i. e3 c Expofation upon the Book,of J C B. Veri, r4, a a 5 in that age, as we may cone& from the difcourfe of Tobs friends g Here Zophar (according to this fence) preffeth Job to a refor- ination of worfltip (he being a publike perron and the Pried) or accufeth him,as having fuflered abufes to creep into it: at which Eliphaz. f ems to aim in his rejoynder Chap. a S. 34. For the con- gregation of hypocritesPall be defolate, andfirePail confurte the tabernacles ofbribery. But I rather take tabernacle for a civil dwelling,. fo Let not wickedneffe dwell in thy tabernacle is (by a Trope) as ifhe had laid , let not wickedneffe dwell in thole who dwell in thy taber- nacle A tabernacle is not a fubjeá capable of good or evil, but as perfons abiding there are good or evil. Hence obferve Firft, ¡de that bath cleanfedhimfelf,fhould labour to cleanfe others alto. At it fhould not fatisfieus to be happy alone, fo not to be holy alone. Grate is communicative and catching as well as fin: Aman that bath nowickedneffe dwelling in himfelf, would not have any man a dwelling for wickedneffe : having purified his own heart and hands, he labours as far as his line reacheth , to purifie thole about him. Chrift gives this charge toPeter,When thou art convert- ed ftrengthen thy brethren. Secondly, In relation to our own tabernacles, Óbferve, Thegovernour ofafamily is to lookto hisfamily , toall under his charge, that wicke,dne(fe dwell not among them. It was the commendation of Abraham, and that which moved God to entrufl him with his fecrets , I know Abra- ham that he will command his houfhold , and his childrenafter him, and they fhall keep . the way of the Lord : and if Abraham would teach his houfhold the way and will of God , doubt- leffe Abraham would not let that dwell in his houlhold which was contrary to the way and will of God. When Jacob went to Bethel, with facrifice, he laid unto his hoof- hold and to all that were withhim , Tut away the ftrange Gods that are amongyai, andbe clean. Gen. 39. Such was the refolution of fofhua , I andmine houfe willferve the Lord: And Davidwho had the care of a wholekingdom upon him , yet takescare that no wickedneffe fhould dwell in his Court and Royall family, Pfal. r o i . 7. I-Ie that worketh deceit (hall not dwell in my houfe , he ehm telleth lies (hall not tarry in my fight. The fins that dwell in our amtlies, become ours, if we labour not to purge them out,. A man C.z is