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16 Chap. t t . An Expofition upon the Book, of JO B. Verf. t q.. is guilty of fo much fin as he might prevent by fuch means as God bath afforded him , if it loth it not. W e have not fatisfied our duties when we look to our felves only but to all under our fha- dow or within our fphere. Further, Family fins bring family judgements, as well as nati nail fins bring nationall or perfonall fins perfonall judgement . Becaufe Eli fuffered his Ions in fin, and did not refirain em , therefore he fuffered for their fins 9 their fins were charged up'on his account , and he paid dearly for them. When we make other mens fins our own, they will make us fmart as much as our own : And the fins ofthofe'who are oars, may quickly be ours. Where the relation is nearer, the contagion is quicker. They are fo, not only when we command and give them counfel to fin, or take pleafure In their fin, but whenwe do not re- prove them for tin,, or not improve all due., means to prevent or . remove their fin aota hie trig Laftly, Thefe twovertes,, prevent us-with a platformbf repen= ad veram refi- tance in three fpeciall aas or requilites. Firfl , Preparation.of the f efni:a iam primheart Secondl y, Fervent prayer : Thirdly, The patting away, ca- tordis prepara-piing out, orbanifhing ofiniquity : Till the heart be prepared we tio,eem feceendocannot pray, umili iniquitybe purged out, prayer is not accepted,. arationem ter- unlefie all three be done we have not repented , or our repentance ti© ini uitatis muff be repented of. Except we repent thus-we cannot be faved, propullionet14. and only that repentance is not to be repentedof, which is unto. Mess, y p p '. falvation.. J,OB