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Chap. t t . An Expofition upon the Book ofJ O B. Verf a 5. t t .7 Chap. ri.,i6. For then (halt thou lift up thy face without[pot ; yea; thou ¡halt befledfafI, and ¡halt not fear. Becaufe thou¡halt forget thy mifery,and awa- ters that paffe away, N the former context , Zophar gives Job good counfel ; in this he gives him encouragements to follow that counfel. His en couragements are laid down more generally in thefe two vertes ; ', and they are drawn into particulars in the words following to the end of the chapter. There are three branches ofthis general pro-, mite in the i5. verle. Firft, Thou (halt lift up thy face without ¡jot. Secondly, Thou flialt beiedfaf$. Thirdly, Thou ¡halt not fear. Fir$ 2 (an Honourable In the. Second he promifeth him aSetled eftate. Third a Comfortable Verfe t . Thou limit lift up thy' face without f¡iot. We had an exprefIion veer this at the 15. verle off'the ro; Chapter, where Job Items to fpeak (as forne expound) difpai- ringly, If I be righteous, yet will Inot lift up any head : or,as others, humbly, qI will not lift up my head though 1 were righteous. Zophar anfwers him here ; Thou fain , ifthou wert righteous thou would not lift up thy head, beut, !,tell thee, if thou were righteous (ac- cording to the counfel given thee) thou mightefi lift up both thy 'head and heart, thou mightefl take both courage and corn-, forth, Then_Pit thou lift up thy face without /pot. What the liftingupof the head, or of the face imports, may be feen (chap to. 15%) I (hall here only adde a threefold fignifica- tion about lifting up the.face; both phrafes beingofneer añi- nity. a. To lift up the face is a figne ofchearfullnefiè, Jobzz. 26. For then "halt thou have thydelight in the mAlmight,y, and¡halt lift up thy face unto God ; that is, thou (halt lift up thy face unto God with delight. Joy is the light, and life of the face, no marvel then