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Chap. tt. eArn Expefrtion`vim the Rookof J O B. Verf. r5,. 1.2.3 and hisjuft dealings a the noon-day, Pfal. 37.6. His righteoufneffe lay in the dark, and his dealingwas adjudged treachery and deceit : Yet at láft he recovered his credit and his name was cloathed with honour in the eflimation of his adverfaries. This is the firft promife , Thou fhalt lift up thy face without .srjiot. The fecond is. Tea thou(halt befledfaft. It is a happinefîe to get a good eftate , but it is a greater Kapp. pineffe to keep it. Thou 'halt he fledfajl, The Hebrew word , in the verb figniiies to melt or diffòlve ; and in the adje Live , /irong rttdit;tiquefa durable and compac7; that which is melted is called compa61, either cot duros cons_ by the figure anti hrafis tecaufe it is uncompaet, or, according to l"'us, vet per y p ntiphrafn,véB the nature of the thing , becaufe mettais which have been meiled quad metattre grow more compaft and foíld when they cool again. Some ren -_A a confoli: der it here, Thou (hair be like a molten pillar ; brafle or iron being dentur, molten and caft into the figure of a pillar, are ftrong and fleddy; Htnç Pyle' the word is'fo rendered, (r Sam.2.8.) The pillars (that is the firm- fufium , inhot eft and flrongeft parts) ofthe earth, are the Lords, This promifedmbtúppro pm fledfaftneffe may be taken twowages. forti valido. Firfl , In reference to his externals, as if Zophar had Paid. m.c, Thou waif once Mailer ofagood eftate, thou waft once richand full, but thy eftate, thy riches were not ftedfaft thouhail loft all thy wealth is confirmedandgone ; yet humble thyfef, and thou(halt lift up thy face, thou fhalt not only be exaltedbut eftablifhed. Thou (halt beftedf afi. Secondly, Stedfaftnes may referre to his internals, and fo there may be a four fold fledfafnes. i. Of judgement', When a man holds to his profeflion and beets not in opinion. The Apoflle cautions his Ephefians (chap: 4.I4.) Re no more children tcfed too and fro with every wind of dof rzne : be firm to your p::; ciples be not as a meteor carried about withevery guff, but as a fear fixed in your orb. 2. There is a fledaflneffe of refolution z Car.' 5.:58. Re ye fledfafl and immoveable, that is , hold to your purpofe : ferve the Lord, and goon in his work, let nothing takeyou off: Such was the mafculine ftedfaflneffeof QeenHefter , resolving todoe her duty in the face of danger, if Iperifh, l peril!). 3. There is a fled fafines of faith, When we beleeve and do not wave?., or hefitate :Twin 1.6. The Apoftle Paul (peaks of the fo- R lidity