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i 24 Chap., i i. An Expofition upon the Book, of JO B. Vedas. Iidityof the firmament offaith Col. z. S. Rejoycing inyour order sgpE ous4 and theffedfaflnes ofyour faith inChrist. And Peter exhorts to mr4s4ac. reffi the devil, beingfiedfa t in thefaith, i Pet.5..9. He thatfights loiktohisfooting. We cannot refill another till we arefetled our [elves. 4. There is a fiedfaftnes of confcience ; Confcience is full of uncertainties till we fettle upon Christ r the ftedfaftnes ofcon- fcience arifeth from the peaceofconfcience , and our peace Rows tous in the blond of the covenant. We may underhand this promife ofoutward but efpeciallyof inward fledfaftnef e; of the ftedfaftneffe of his faith and the qui- etneffe ofhis confcience that he thould no longer hang between hope and fear , between perfwalions and doubtings of the love of God. Hence Observe, Graceeflablifleth the heart. Gratia reddit- Put away fin , and thou limit be fedfaft. Grace is brought in; hominem con to the heart by Chrift : Grace and Christ can never parr , the ff"tem .fir- dot}rine of g race is therefore Paid to eftablifb the heart, becaufe mum ecurz confiantot a- Christ is in it, ieb. 13. 9. It is agood thing that the heart be efla- ginteen , mini- blifhedwith grace , not with meats which. have not profited them tè pr4'umen- that have beenoccupied therein when he faith it isgood,he means, tem. Pined, it is better that the heart beefiablifhed by grace thin by meat. For meat doth in a fence eaablifh the heart that is, it recreates and refrefhes the heart. As Abraham fpeaks to the three men whom he invited to his tent Gen. 18. s. I willfetch a morfell of bread, andcomfort ye your hearts the Hebrew is flay or eThebliíbyour hearts. But the lading comfort and eitablifhmetet of the heart, is bygrace ; that is, with grace wrought in the heart, or with the doarine ofgrace (which is a means of working that grace) for he oppofeth grace to meats about which queftionswere then. ftarted , and many were unfetled and with meats he under- . $ands by a Synecdoche the whole body of the cetemoniail law,. which is oppofd to the Gofpel , or the do&rine of grace : as if he had laid , do not think to fettle your (elves be the ceremonial) law , one part where f confined in the choice and diftiníèion of meats , for they have not profited them that have been occupied therein they havegoteen no eftablifhment by them , but grace will doe it : As your fathers did eat Manna in the wilderneflè, fo meats of the factifice in Canaan, and are dead but he that feeds upon